Friday, 27 May 2011


In the holiday mood! Exams are over! Exams totally drained me out. Tiring, stressed..
Got to study during the holidays though, not to mention tuition marathons. Librarian junior's processing course. Want to catch up with my loves, pleasseee? =)
Went blog hopping. Ru Xuan or better known as Avril blogs out for the ladies. I find it very informative =) Ladies ONLY! *click* Guys, just skip this LOL.Okay la, music for everyone, fair! xP

Jet Lag

What time is it where you are?
I miss you more than anything
Back at home you feel so far
Waitin' for the phone to ring
It's getting lonely living upside down
I don't even wanna be in this town
Tryin' to figure out the time zones makin' me crazy

You say Good Morning
When it's midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
It's drivin me mad
I miss you so bad
and my heart heart heart is so jet lag

What time is it where you are?
5 more days and I'll be home <3
I keep your picture in my car
I hate the thought of you alone

I've been keepin busy all time
Just to try to keep you off my mind
Tryin to figure out the time zones makin me crazy
I miss you so bad
I wanna share your horizon
and see the same sun rising
Turn the hour hand back to when you were holding me

Had a very interesting chat with Siok Hoon while Beng Ghee listens and comments LOL. They had a deal (or 2?) and I find it er.. inspiring? LOL. So here goes!!!

Searching for a study buddy! 
I'm aiming for a CGPA 3.0 for the trial exam and I seriously need help, I might even have trouble getting a mere 2.0 this mid term *badbadbad*

Maths and Accounts are my 2 headache subjects. Got to dig out my prob there. PA barely surviving. In love with Econs, but I got to master my answering techniques and grip the A *I hope*

My neighbours totally rock but they are hot cakes man! I can't get Beng Ghee 'cuz he's Siok Hoon's personal study buddy and he's drooling for the Starbucks she offered (or more than that LOL). Chee Hong is one popular study tutor busy tutoring all who goes to him. 

I'll treat my future study buddy Starbucks *puppy eyes* or feature you in my vlog? xD play you a song? =) or teach you a song? :D 
oh dear, I have nothing in exchange but gimme a buzz if you are helpful enough to help this poor student in any way ="( STPM T.T
Pretty pretty please!

Happy holidays =)
God bless you!

Saturday, 21 May 2011


It was Teacher's Day on the 16th of May.
Me and Pn Nita
One of the nicest teacher I met in STK.
She's also the teacher advisor of STKCU

Previously: Last Day of Photo shoot! woots! the Club has been busy snapping class and club pics, hectic much.

Sen Chen aka the boss and Sor Wen

The Kehpohs! xD

Our class got a wedding gift for Pn Choong. Students are kinda "rich" huh? It's the thought that counts =)

Much earlier, Easter Sunday! Praise God for the crowd that turned up!
Great production. The fan dance totally can "break" my leg :X long time x exercise. and the stage makeup just makes me =/

AND... I went through some old pics. My OW team last year!
look carefully, I ain't there. Always in time for action but not in time for the pic LOL.

Went shopping for Teacher's Day, it's been awhile not shopping LOL. Some things that interests me.
Color changing bottles?! cool!


Sis and DOMO

I still prefer Elmo :D Sesame Street taught me A-B-C! =)
Thanks for reading.
God bless peeps!
Exams! x.x

High School Klang Orientation Week 2011

Tradition of High School Klang eh? =)
It started off with the seniors submitting their nicknames/funny names to the MPP committees (student council). The MPP pairs the seniors and juniors up, usually Guy senior to girl junior vice versa. During the signature session, the juniors have to look for their seniors and along the way, they have to "entertain" the seniors with sweets! Once their senior is found, the senior have to guide the junior to get the signtures of other seniors. Craziness! I got a girl junior btw ;) nickname? randomLOL xP

The stair of Form 6 block
CF as tol attendant

Tol guards?

S.S. time with piak

Bieber Chern xP

My Neighbours!

Credits to Chee Hong =)


Keroro badge and Hansen's tag on Nanny!

One of my face shots of the day:
Japenese Nerdy style LOL

Librarian Power yay!
Both our signatures are compulsory ones, so many juniors and seniors came flooding all over x.x
The first meeting for our junior librarian was held, quite a large number turned up =) hopefully most of them stay and not pull out for NO logic reasons LOL

The weather was freaking hot and guess what? Kean Ket brought a stand fan from home LOL!
and that's my radio blasting out with loud music for the juniors to shake their body when they enter my class xD

I'm glad to be able to talk with the juniors and help them out either it's tuition or getting used to the new environment. Welcome to STK peeps! =)

God bless you!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My sweet baby on loan from above
no better treasure could I more love
I stand here beside your bed as I pray
I lay my hand on your head and I say

May you grow up to serve Him
all of your days
May He lead you and guide you
in all of your ways
May His hand bless your future with
friendships that last
May you cherish your youth
and not grow up too fast

I stare in wonder at your tiny frame
Just to think that God knows you by name
He knows every hair on your beautiful head
He knows your all thoughts before they are said

May you grow up to serve Him
all of your days
May He lead you and guide you
in all of your ways
May His hand bless your future with
friendships that last
May you cherish your youth
and not grow up too fast

May God grant you peace
in the midst of a storm
May God give you strength even
when you're forlorn
May you answer the door when
Jesus comes knocking
May wisdom guide when
your mouth is talkin'
May discretion protect you
and keep you pure
May you never stumble
or fall for a lure
May your heart remain humble
to the very end
May uprightness and truth
be what you defend
May the world not ensnare
or change who you are
May the light that's within you
shine like the stars
May angels surround you
body, spirit, mind
May favor and peace be yours to find
May rejection and pain
never reach you
May your spirit grow bold
for what you're called to

As you rest in God's care I will rest too
Knowing that Jesus is watching over you

I hope the lyrics are ok, checked and listened to the song for a few times cuz couldn't find a complete lyric online. Take time to understand the song, rather meaningful to me =) It will be really nice if I was dedicated with this song =)
Thanks Cho Jet for sharing this song, you know your mum loves you, this is a fact that will never change =)
And I didn't know I was dedicated when I was young until Oon Hui posted a pic on FB :O
my parents didn't tell me.

Thank God for mums 
I love you, mummy.