Saturday, 21 May 2011

High School Klang Orientation Week 2011

Tradition of High School Klang eh? =)
It started off with the seniors submitting their nicknames/funny names to the MPP committees (student council). The MPP pairs the seniors and juniors up, usually Guy senior to girl junior vice versa. During the signature session, the juniors have to look for their seniors and along the way, they have to "entertain" the seniors with sweets! Once their senior is found, the senior have to guide the junior to get the signtures of other seniors. Craziness! I got a girl junior btw ;) nickname? randomLOL xP

The stair of Form 6 block
CF as tol attendant

Tol guards?

S.S. time with piak

Bieber Chern xP

My Neighbours!

Credits to Chee Hong =)


Keroro badge and Hansen's tag on Nanny!

One of my face shots of the day:
Japenese Nerdy style LOL

Librarian Power yay!
Both our signatures are compulsory ones, so many juniors and seniors came flooding all over x.x
The first meeting for our junior librarian was held, quite a large number turned up =) hopefully most of them stay and not pull out for NO logic reasons LOL

The weather was freaking hot and guess what? Kean Ket brought a stand fan from home LOL!
and that's my radio blasting out with loud music for the juniors to shake their body when they enter my class xD

I'm glad to be able to talk with the juniors and help them out either it's tuition or getting used to the new environment. Welcome to STK peeps! =)

God bless you!