Saturday, 21 May 2011


It was Teacher's Day on the 16th of May.
Me and Pn Nita
One of the nicest teacher I met in STK.
She's also the teacher advisor of STKCU

Previously: Last Day of Photo shoot! woots! the Club has been busy snapping class and club pics, hectic much.

Sen Chen aka the boss and Sor Wen

The Kehpohs! xD

Our class got a wedding gift for Pn Choong. Students are kinda "rich" huh? It's the thought that counts =)

Much earlier, Easter Sunday! Praise God for the crowd that turned up!
Great production. The fan dance totally can "break" my leg :X long time x exercise. and the stage makeup just makes me =/

AND... I went through some old pics. My OW team last year!
look carefully, I ain't there. Always in time for action but not in time for the pic LOL.

Went shopping for Teacher's Day, it's been awhile not shopping LOL. Some things that interests me.
Color changing bottles?! cool!


Sis and DOMO

I still prefer Elmo :D Sesame Street taught me A-B-C! =)
Thanks for reading.
God bless peeps!
Exams! x.x