Friday, 24 June 2011

Report card day was today. Dad took a day off to get the siblings' report card. First stop, High School Klang. Dad's friendliness did not scared anyone I hope haha.
opsie. Reply to Joe's email: sorry for the distraction in your class, Joe, I bet they all are interested with my dad xP
Overall, everything went OK. Phew~ Immastudylikearealnerdkays!!! During one of the Maths period in this week, Puan Choong was like:"Kim, 你还没有找回自己" True, so, PLS COME BACK KIM! STPM chiong a!

Next, Kwang Hua for Sis' report card. Met Pn Cheah. Long time didn't see her. Managed to chat a bit before heading to sis' class. Met some juniors along the way. 
Pls, don't just let a girl destroy your dreams, you deserve someone who appreciates you and your talent. At the end, whatever decisions you make, I'll respect it =)

Went to the clinic, ain't feeling well, like, again?! ='( tuition was a bit dreamy, downside of being unwell. Just another hectic week. Can't wait to celebrate birthdays, finding a way to get there and to squeeze the time for the loves. Youth Sunday was awesome! I think the adults were jaw dropped when the youths stood on the chairs and danced LOL. Joe Siang's cover inspired me to make my own cover. My first cover wasn't that good on sound quality, plenty to learn =) Thanks for the support, peeps =)

I'm Yours by Joe Siang

 Thanks for reading and God bless you! =)

Sunday, 19 June 2011


A story! LOL.

Some time ago, my sis told me:"My friend always uses tissue paper 'cuz he/she thinks that using a handkerchief is SO UNHYGIENIC. He/she thinks that using the same handkerchief to wipe off sweat, wipe hands etc is just so *yucks*

I replied:"Come on, there are many sides of the handkerchief and you're the one using it so of course you know HOW to use it properly. plus, tissue paper is use-once-and-throw, so not environmental friendly, unlike a handkerchief"

I'm a clean freak at a certain degree btw x)
I use a handkerchief cuz tissue paper can run out really fast. The weather is just so HOT nowadays. I gave WY a set of handkerchief for his 17th birthday and til now, he hasn't told me whether or not he used them already. He just keeps them LOL? He was afraid that he'll break the handkerchief like how he accidentally broke the bottle given as a birthday present by his friend swt. Crocodile suits your taste gua xP

It's hard to get both kor and WY to meet up at the same time. I wonder how long have they not seen each other LOL. Didn't have a meet up with them during my June break but met up with them earlier on. Sorry kor, since you didn't send me our pic, I will only post this xP

Short meet up after MUET exam
Thanks Vion for snapping =)

I tried hard to read the wordings on his shirt haha. some random designs perhaps. Catch up, talked about our friends, laughing, like old times LOL.

To you who is reading this, the focus is on the handkerchief, if you can catch the hidden story =)
Tissue paper isn't durable compared to handkerchief. Hopefully there's a Handkerchief at your side, peeps =)

God bless you!

Saturday, 18 June 2011


This coming Monday, there will be an Opening Ceremony for Library Week (or is it month? xP) Juniors, I know you all are so stressed up to make things work.
Here's the song I got my inspiration from, yes, I was a junior like you all are now, hold on, you'll make it =)
Seniors, Thank you so much for helping the juniors out, staying back, coming back during holidays etc. I didn't help much though. Sorry.
Enjoy =) Don't laugh yet!

Made this after I came back from Penang

LOL. God bless you! *hugs*

Penang! and more

It was because of daddy's work trip that the whole family went to Penang. I had to skip a handful of tuitions. 6days 5 nights in Penang. Suppose to study in the apartment but watched TV, lepaked, sleep more, swam etc xD Had dinner in the same food court for 3 consecutive nights because dad was tired from visiting his students who are on training, yup, that's his work trip LOL. Kor was helpful with the penang guide =) watched Letters to Juliet and I'm in love with it xD Plus Taylor Swift's Love story at the end of the film is just nice to go with the storyline HAHA!

Dropped by Ipoh and had lunch at the Hor Fun place!! Memories <3 My family drove passed by Penang Chinese Girl School where we visited for librarian trip. ahh.. Can't believe I went there with you all even before I went with my family LOL.
Just some pics~

Siblings without specs. Bro is the new nerd in the family thanks to Maple =.=

Learnt how to order food that I can chew at this nasi kandar shop, no chicken pls! It's like so hard :X This is our second time there on the same trip LOL.

Went to Kedah to see the paddy fields. Went to the muzium, nothing much though =/

On the way back home, we stopped at Kampar! I lovelovelove that place and since we know where the yummy food is, the food is indeed way nicer than what we had for the past few days LOL. Older twin granduncle was having lunch at the same place we did, Kampar is small n cozy huh.

Plenty of time to S.S. x)

STPM is near, this will be my last trip until after STPM.
Take care peeps. God bless you =)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


"The purpose I want to tell u that I got into the finals (DMC solo final) is because you were the one who encouraged me when I just started learning piano" <3
This somehow encourages me. All the best! looking forward to hear your original music =)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Warning. Don't say I didn't warn you.

First day of schooling after mid year break. Had a really pleasant and blessed night at church for Parent's appreciation dinner last night. Music, food, dance.. Everything is in place, so to say =) Had a long chat with Alex after that, siblings got to catch up no matter how busy we are =)
not to mention heartwarming and thoughtful texts I received from the loves. Ready to face the hectic schooling days.
Couldn't sleep at night, MAJOR problem, 'cuz of the delicious dinner? the chinese tea? IDK.

Okay, so morning went wrong when I found out I wore the wrong name tag *speechless*
Saw some really nice haircuts today, esp. Siok Hoon's ^^
Few classmates was absent today, a classmate decided to drop out and that totally emo.ed me, like, CAN YOU NOT GO?! ='(
Not satisfied with my Econs result, could have got a better grade, no improvement, gonna pass 2 subjects at most in this exam. Fa**ure
MUET result day, SOR WEN GOT A BAND 5! woots! so proud of her :D
Beng Ghee's phone took so long to get the reply. I even came to the point where I wanted to check in the library but Beng made me PROMISE him to WAIT, okies. Met my friend's bro during recess, trying to give encouragement and be friendly but turned out to be a bit intense.
Band 4. Ok. I kinda accepted the fact but I waited for my slip.
Total marks:216, 4 marks to Band 5, 44 out of 90 marks for writing?! I expected a 50 at least.
4444 (Band 4, 4 marks to Band 5, 44 for writing, shoot)
Nobody from my class got a band 5.
A friend joked that other than writing, my marks are way better but knowing I have the same marks for writing as he did, it's his great honour. ?!

Tuition was quiet. Maths S and Maths T students have been seperated, hence, the kehpohs are not in action LOL. random. Thomas texted, wow, high band 5! suddenly I got so emo with myself =/ My writing doesn't even worth a 50 marks for MUET?! didn't pay much attention during tuition, or more like disturbing the ppl around me, sorry..

Told dad about my results, he was quite happy LOL? MUET only mar...
No regrets. I just want to say that, stuffs I like doing and enjoy doing, the results may not turn out to be good. Prove? Theory, Econs, MUET... esp. MUET. stuffs that I don't quite enjoy, can be a totally f***ure.

Just had to blog, I can count the number of ppl I really talked today, moodless dao.

Thanks for reading and sorry cuz you just finish reading a post from a below standard blogger.

The fact doesn't change, at least I can still smile at this, God bless you! =)

I still praise God for my MUET result. It was a little hard to accept but I got over it, for real, I did poorly for my writing, the rest, ok lah =)  Once again I'm reminded that I can't do things with my own strength, I can fail myself but God never fails me. I'm encouraged by this fact and the ppl I'm blessed with who cheered me on =) Did some research for Uni, I might as well take IELTS than to retake MUET.
Anyway, I was chosen to take a Reading Test on Monday, IDK for what but Puan Jaya, (I think, I was sitting behind, doing homework) called my name LOL?

God bless you! =)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

More of June holiday~

Librarian Junior's processing course came to an end, so is First week of June Holiday. Survived long hours of tuition. Had an extra maths class with Pn Choong, didn't have my trusty pillow on my seat, and one thing's for sure, butt ache! LOL. A reason to gain more weight.
My mind wasn't in a good state somewhere along the week, plenty of decisions to make, but indeed, settled them bit by bit. phew~ and then came the 2nd gathering with the Dearies for this holiday! What an achievement! :D Missing Fio, Eil and Wen Ping in this pic.

Had fun eating *slurps*, laughing, talking, window shopping etc. At one point we were like:"When we were younger, what kind of topic did we discussed about?" LOL! Next time we shall head to Bukit Cahaya or some other places yea? The mall is a bit too crowded for my liking LOL.

Random pic: I didn't conteng-ed this kays! Spotted at the back of the flapping table in tuition centre.

YES! bug me to study 'cuz I am studying, got to be MORE productive.

Me and MY's car's fluffy teddy ^^

Thanks for reading, Happy holiday and God bless you! =)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Watsup for hols?

Saturday: Catch up with my dearies! <3 A good kick-start for the holiday. Touched for the fact that everyone made time for this, Eil is in the midst of AS exam, the utarians is at the end of their break when I'm starting mine, Yuyu have a longer break and MY has assginmentS LOL. Ke Lin can't make it though. MY picked me up together with Eil, then we went around finding where GT is, total confusion but managed to get her LOL. Hung out at Yuyu's place before walking to the night market to hunt for food. 2nd time there, both times with them =)

Yummy food of the day

Sunday: After church, went to busybody sis and Jane's guitar class with Kor Oon Ee. Busy Form 6 life, but nyways, I see my sis practicing all those strumings at home so I learnt a new thing or 2 LOL. Had the chance to strum away with Kor Oon Ee's guitar while they have their lesson xP

AND! soon-to-be-Uncle Oon Ee and Shu Yi is getting married! Excited much! That's when Mrs Lee goes off to UK which means I don't have to skip any tuition lesson, was prepared to skip the class 'cuz this occasion is not to be missed =)

Monday: 8 hours of tuition marathon. That's it. LOL.

Tuesday: movie!!! Fun times with the bunch. Met Gary in Popular! It's been ages since I last met my restaurant buddy. Sis talked to him when she called me and she was like:"Gary who?" LOL. Who else!

Wednesday: Tuition and junior's processing course.
Imma kehpoh. The person who snapped this didn't know how to use my cam. FLASHED! O.O

Check out the junior's expression LOL.

Happy holiday!
God bless you! =)