Sunday, 19 June 2011


A story! LOL.

Some time ago, my sis told me:"My friend always uses tissue paper 'cuz he/she thinks that using a handkerchief is SO UNHYGIENIC. He/she thinks that using the same handkerchief to wipe off sweat, wipe hands etc is just so *yucks*

I replied:"Come on, there are many sides of the handkerchief and you're the one using it so of course you know HOW to use it properly. plus, tissue paper is use-once-and-throw, so not environmental friendly, unlike a handkerchief"

I'm a clean freak at a certain degree btw x)
I use a handkerchief cuz tissue paper can run out really fast. The weather is just so HOT nowadays. I gave WY a set of handkerchief for his 17th birthday and til now, he hasn't told me whether or not he used them already. He just keeps them LOL? He was afraid that he'll break the handkerchief like how he accidentally broke the bottle given as a birthday present by his friend swt. Crocodile suits your taste gua xP

It's hard to get both kor and WY to meet up at the same time. I wonder how long have they not seen each other LOL. Didn't have a meet up with them during my June break but met up with them earlier on. Sorry kor, since you didn't send me our pic, I will only post this xP

Short meet up after MUET exam
Thanks Vion for snapping =)

I tried hard to read the wordings on his shirt haha. some random designs perhaps. Catch up, talked about our friends, laughing, like old times LOL.

To you who is reading this, the focus is on the handkerchief, if you can catch the hidden story =)
Tissue paper isn't durable compared to handkerchief. Hopefully there's a Handkerchief at your side, peeps =)

God bless you!