Sunday, 5 June 2011

More of June holiday~

Librarian Junior's processing course came to an end, so is First week of June Holiday. Survived long hours of tuition. Had an extra maths class with Pn Choong, didn't have my trusty pillow on my seat, and one thing's for sure, butt ache! LOL. A reason to gain more weight.
My mind wasn't in a good state somewhere along the week, plenty of decisions to make, but indeed, settled them bit by bit. phew~ and then came the 2nd gathering with the Dearies for this holiday! What an achievement! :D Missing Fio, Eil and Wen Ping in this pic.

Had fun eating *slurps*, laughing, talking, window shopping etc. At one point we were like:"When we were younger, what kind of topic did we discussed about?" LOL! Next time we shall head to Bukit Cahaya or some other places yea? The mall is a bit too crowded for my liking LOL.

Random pic: I didn't conteng-ed this kays! Spotted at the back of the flapping table in tuition centre.

YES! bug me to study 'cuz I am studying, got to be MORE productive.

Me and MY's car's fluffy teddy ^^

Thanks for reading, Happy holiday and God bless you! =)