Saturday, 18 June 2011

Penang! and more

It was because of daddy's work trip that the whole family went to Penang. I had to skip a handful of tuitions. 6days 5 nights in Penang. Suppose to study in the apartment but watched TV, lepaked, sleep more, swam etc xD Had dinner in the same food court for 3 consecutive nights because dad was tired from visiting his students who are on training, yup, that's his work trip LOL. Kor was helpful with the penang guide =) watched Letters to Juliet and I'm in love with it xD Plus Taylor Swift's Love story at the end of the film is just nice to go with the storyline HAHA!

Dropped by Ipoh and had lunch at the Hor Fun place!! Memories <3 My family drove passed by Penang Chinese Girl School where we visited for librarian trip. ahh.. Can't believe I went there with you all even before I went with my family LOL.
Just some pics~

Siblings without specs. Bro is the new nerd in the family thanks to Maple =.=

Learnt how to order food that I can chew at this nasi kandar shop, no chicken pls! It's like so hard :X This is our second time there on the same trip LOL.

Went to Kedah to see the paddy fields. Went to the muzium, nothing much though =/

On the way back home, we stopped at Kampar! I lovelovelove that place and since we know where the yummy food is, the food is indeed way nicer than what we had for the past few days LOL. Older twin granduncle was having lunch at the same place we did, Kampar is small n cozy huh.

Plenty of time to S.S. x)

STPM is near, this will be my last trip until after STPM.
Take care peeps. God bless you =)