Friday, 24 June 2011

Report card day was today. Dad took a day off to get the siblings' report card. First stop, High School Klang. Dad's friendliness did not scared anyone I hope haha.
opsie. Reply to Joe's email: sorry for the distraction in your class, Joe, I bet they all are interested with my dad xP
Overall, everything went OK. Phew~ Immastudylikearealnerdkays!!! During one of the Maths period in this week, Puan Choong was like:"Kim, 你还没有找回自己" True, so, PLS COME BACK KIM! STPM chiong a!

Next, Kwang Hua for Sis' report card. Met Pn Cheah. Long time didn't see her. Managed to chat a bit before heading to sis' class. Met some juniors along the way. 
Pls, don't just let a girl destroy your dreams, you deserve someone who appreciates you and your talent. At the end, whatever decisions you make, I'll respect it =)

Went to the clinic, ain't feeling well, like, again?! ='( tuition was a bit dreamy, downside of being unwell. Just another hectic week. Can't wait to celebrate birthdays, finding a way to get there and to squeeze the time for the loves. Youth Sunday was awesome! I think the adults were jaw dropped when the youths stood on the chairs and danced LOL. Joe Siang's cover inspired me to make my own cover. My first cover wasn't that good on sound quality, plenty to learn =) Thanks for the support, peeps =)

I'm Yours by Joe Siang

 Thanks for reading and God bless you! =)