Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Watsup for hols?

Saturday: Catch up with my dearies! <3 A good kick-start for the holiday. Touched for the fact that everyone made time for this, Eil is in the midst of AS exam, the utarians is at the end of their break when I'm starting mine, Yuyu have a longer break and MY has assginmentS LOL. Ke Lin can't make it though. MY picked me up together with Eil, then we went around finding where GT is, total confusion but managed to get her LOL. Hung out at Yuyu's place before walking to the night market to hunt for food. 2nd time there, both times with them =)

Yummy food of the day

Sunday: After church, went to busybody sis and Jane's guitar class with Kor Oon Ee. Busy Form 6 life, but nyways, I see my sis practicing all those strumings at home so I learnt a new thing or 2 LOL. Had the chance to strum away with Kor Oon Ee's guitar while they have their lesson xP

AND! soon-to-be-Uncle Oon Ee and Shu Yi is getting married! Excited much! That's when Mrs Lee goes off to UK which means I don't have to skip any tuition lesson, was prepared to skip the class 'cuz this occasion is not to be missed =)

Monday: 8 hours of tuition marathon. That's it. LOL.

Tuesday: movie!!! Fun times with the bunch. Met Gary in Popular! It's been ages since I last met my restaurant buddy. Sis talked to him when she called me and she was like:"Gary who?" LOL. Who else!

Wednesday: Tuition and junior's processing course.
Imma kehpoh. The person who snapped this didn't know how to use my cam. FLASHED! O.O

Check out the junior's expression LOL.

Happy holiday!
God bless you! =)