Thursday, 28 July 2011


CU AGM was today. Congrats to the new committees =) Praise God.
Juniors, stay close together as you stay close to God =)
The bond we have in CU is just so different. Treasure it =)

Had a lil picnic session with my committees while discussing about the new board, what a nice feeling =)

Reminder: Before next Friday, pls do talk to me if you are not comfortable with the post. As Pn Nita said, democratic, not autocratic LOL. I'm sorry for not being able to talk to all of you personally but don't be shy to come and chat with the seniors =)

I am excited for next week. August!! I'm gonna be a special postlady for a very special person in the hearts of the juniors in KHCU. *winkwink* better keep the surprise to myself first. Sungha Jung Chinese version LOL!

Yes, I totally know what I'm missing. I'm lying if I say I'm fine but the thing is, I don't know why I am not =/ I care too much and I don't care whether I'm being cared, I just do what I do LOL.
This is harder than I thought it would be but I'll make it through.

Had a good start for the month of July, I sense a good ending too =)

ISCF is tomorrow! <3


Saturday, 23 July 2011

A short meet up with the guys =)
Dearies for the girlfriends, Baobei for guys macam x ngam wey. hmm.. thinking of a new term to refer Wy and Tienz. Days before, I was FB chatting Wy and he asked me whether I actually smile when I type a smiley in. Well, yes! weird I know but it's cute xP I have bad sense of direction. So thoughtful of Wy to show me the way from my piano teacher's house after piano class LOL!

At Papparich
taken with Kor's htc sense
Not the best place to talk. Kinda noisy and all. The guys brought their net books along. High tech-nye. Taught Kor to use the Twitter reply thingy cuz he always twits and I don't know which twit he is replying to LOL! Very generous of Wy to share with us what he knows about financial education. I'm glad we made effort to meet up, almost 2 years after graduation and still very much buddies despite studying at different places =)
Last Saturday night, the whole family went to Kota Permai Golf and Country club to attend Lauren and Justin's birthday party. It was an animal safari-themed party. Few weeks before the party, Me, sis and Hannah agreed to helped out with the games for the kids. A very good experience =) Nice sight to see all the kids enjoying the animal quizzes, charades and all. Got an unexpected "Thank you" red packet from Aunty Esther :O with a sweet note behind <3

Librarian Telematch tomorrow. Many memories flooding over. I didn't blogged about my interview and AGM experience. Perhaps I will. August is coming and I should be studying til half mad LOL.


My final year as a student to be a part of this event. Due to tuition, I'm not going for the workshop, sis is going though but I'll be going for the night rally :D If you are interested, don't feel shy to get the flyers from me. I'll personally invite friends and tell you peeps more about it personally. haha. It's good to hear from a personal point of view. cool with that? =)

God bless you! =)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

It's another week of July LOL. Just some updates.
Beng brought his sis' Fujiflim Instax Mini 7s to school and of course, we camwhored xD Very precious wey, one pack has only 10 pieces so we have to use it wisely and pose properly LOL! Some pics ^^

Sor Wen, Peik Lai and Me with our nerdy specs :D

Friday was Hari Koku/Canteen day. Manage to spend some time with Baby Nikon D3000. Soon, we'll have to pass it to the juniors, Aw~~


It started to rain just before the event even started. Thank God for the refreshing rain. The rain did stop and it was very timely indeed =) Special Thanks to the seniors who came to visit us and brought us towels, really thoughtful of them.

High School Klang CU shirt's debut! woots! We were too busy managing our stall that we didn't remember to take a group pic with our new shirt.

Do you want to scoop fishes with tissue or..

try your hands at the Ping Pong game booth? LOL

Had so much fun working with the juniors. Peter lost his wallet but he manage to get back his valuable documents. I heard there are juniors who lost their shoes and bag :O 
Friendly Reminder, the best place to keep your stuff in High School is to keep it with you. My reminder ain't very helpful right? LOL. but it saves you from headache and heartache.

I just hate to see best friends not being at their best. Pointing at a few ppl.

God bless you! =)

Saturday, 9 July 2011


2 weeks updates.
Lepaked at library on Monday 'cuz there were free periods due to sports preparation etc. Ain't part of sports day 'cuz of the wedding =) Thanks to Shinh Nian, we watched Remi Kangaroo and other videos by Remi and just LOL. Crazy stuff.
Got to chat with my classmates. Exchanged opinions on topics in life. Chee Hong is obsessed with Meteor Garden drama LOL!
Didn't fall alseep in class that often anymore. Wide awake for classes. Praise God.
Kehpoh.ed KH canteen day x)
I'll save the wedding post for next time or after STPM, it was truly a memorable one =) Congrats to Oon-Ee and Shu Yi! =)

The MUET reading test for the MPM survey was 2 hours long, nearly fell asleep, so tired xO
Talked to Pn Nita and mentioned about my results, saddening but she encouraged me, Thanks cher =) Managed to interview some librarian juniors, they got to really work hard with getting the interviews for the seniors, all the best! =) Chauffeured bro and sis from school, heavy responsibility heh? xP 

Friday is probably one of the most memorable day for the week. Joe SIang brought Ying Khian's guitar for CU activity later after school. It was 2 free periods for my class and his class so I went to kehpoh with Beng Ghee. Interviewed juniors in 6B1, talked a bit here and there to get to know the juniors. Asked Joe to perform live and he did, with the guitar that has a missing string LOL! Imagine that. He got us singing along. Pleasant moment. Memories flashed back when I used to go to the secret hideout, CU room for the keyboard or the KH school hall for the grand piano. With the stress and all, some music just releases everything. Thank God =)
CU was fun with games, the lower form kids love it very much, so do the older ones. Talk about fellowship =) CU ain't intense at all.

Bersih. We just want peace in the country.

Promise, I'll give my best in my studies.
Take care peeps =)
God bless you.

Celebration at Shepherdoo with the loves

1st of July 2011
No account tuition after school 'cuz Mrs Lee went to UK yay! Manage to take a short nap before preparing to go out. Eileen came to my house and we head to Centro together. Nearly forgot to bring along the special delivery present and GT's school mag. phew~ Other than MY, none of us been to The Shepherdoo Restaurant and Lounge. Yuyu made reservations for 11 ppl and when we arrived there, 11 seats are prepared just for us x)

The dinner dates for the night =)
CP10 + 2 VIPs. Missing Fio and Seh Hui

We didn't know what to order so we asked MY. and she replied that everything there is nice LOL. The Drinks and Food there are really yummy! Do ask and check out their promos. We got the buy 1 free 1 cocktail, which is worth it for a large group and when we don't know which drink to pick LOL. First time having such a dinner with the loves. Enough of "promo-ing" the restaurant. Pics! Credits to Huei Miin aka GT's wife for snapping the pics! =)
Randomly selected some pics to post here, the rest are on FB.
Food/Drinks/Twitting xD/posing

Taken using GT's Samsung Galaxy Ace. 

 *Muacks*/same style skirts

The girls and CPP

Eil looks different in a good way with her contacts =)
Ladies in black!

Jun Lun made the cards for Wen Ping and Eil. Nice eh? =)

Double celebration :D
Blessed Birthday, dearies! <3 

The lovely cake

Wen Ping just came back from Aus for a short break. I'm so glad to be there and just catch up.

Jenie ^^

We made a birthday video for Shu Yin's birthday and it was shown during their high school class trip. They manage to post it up and I LOL-ed all the way. Aww, so many memories we have together =)

The bubbly Shu Yin =)

Finally managed to pass the school mag from a junior to GT LOL!

We spent a few hours have our dinner, celebrating, catching up, LOL-ing, snapping pics etc. Everyone is in a cheerful mood. We even called ah Hui and have a chat with him LOL. I don't think we disturbed their business xP Eil usually settles the bill for us 'cuz she's a good human calculator =) but since it's her birthday, we have Eu Rick, the accountant to take over LOL. After that, we decided to go out of Shepherdoo, have a walk in front of Centro and chat more! LOL. Guess who we saw there?

Wen Ying! She's back from Taiwan for summer break. Grab her a while from her BF for a pic ^^

What a night. The S1-rians shared about their class trip, it's so nice to have a trip and gather with their ex-classmates. Exchanged thoughts and talked about bits of past, now and future. Although me and Klin are in the same school, we barely have heart to heart talk, so we took the chance that night =)

Nothing much changed, all of us grew more matured in thinking over all. We might not meet each other often like we used to, but we'll make sure we keep in touch. =) First time having a late night out and a yummy dinner with the loves. Again? No more malls ok, quoting from we.know.who LOL.

Getting busy with studies. setting my aims. I'm not giving up =)
To end the post~

A Syok Sendiri shot. Peace 'yo :D
The shirt of mine and the peace sign said so xP

Thanks for reading
God bless you! =)