Saturday, 9 July 2011

Celebration at Shepherdoo with the loves

1st of July 2011
No account tuition after school 'cuz Mrs Lee went to UK yay! Manage to take a short nap before preparing to go out. Eileen came to my house and we head to Centro together. Nearly forgot to bring along the special delivery present and GT's school mag. phew~ Other than MY, none of us been to The Shepherdoo Restaurant and Lounge. Yuyu made reservations for 11 ppl and when we arrived there, 11 seats are prepared just for us x)

The dinner dates for the night =)
CP10 + 2 VIPs. Missing Fio and Seh Hui

We didn't know what to order so we asked MY. and she replied that everything there is nice LOL. The Drinks and Food there are really yummy! Do ask and check out their promos. We got the buy 1 free 1 cocktail, which is worth it for a large group and when we don't know which drink to pick LOL. First time having such a dinner with the loves. Enough of "promo-ing" the restaurant. Pics! Credits to Huei Miin aka GT's wife for snapping the pics! =)
Randomly selected some pics to post here, the rest are on FB.
Food/Drinks/Twitting xD/posing

Taken using GT's Samsung Galaxy Ace. 

 *Muacks*/same style skirts

The girls and CPP

Eil looks different in a good way with her contacts =)
Ladies in black!

Jun Lun made the cards for Wen Ping and Eil. Nice eh? =)

Double celebration :D
Blessed Birthday, dearies! <3 

The lovely cake

Wen Ping just came back from Aus for a short break. I'm so glad to be there and just catch up.

Jenie ^^

We made a birthday video for Shu Yin's birthday and it was shown during their high school class trip. They manage to post it up and I LOL-ed all the way. Aww, so many memories we have together =)

The bubbly Shu Yin =)

Finally managed to pass the school mag from a junior to GT LOL!

We spent a few hours have our dinner, celebrating, catching up, LOL-ing, snapping pics etc. Everyone is in a cheerful mood. We even called ah Hui and have a chat with him LOL. I don't think we disturbed their business xP Eil usually settles the bill for us 'cuz she's a good human calculator =) but since it's her birthday, we have Eu Rick, the accountant to take over LOL. After that, we decided to go out of Shepherdoo, have a walk in front of Centro and chat more! LOL. Guess who we saw there?

Wen Ying! She's back from Taiwan for summer break. Grab her a while from her BF for a pic ^^

What a night. The S1-rians shared about their class trip, it's so nice to have a trip and gather with their ex-classmates. Exchanged thoughts and talked about bits of past, now and future. Although me and Klin are in the same school, we barely have heart to heart talk, so we took the chance that night =)

Nothing much changed, all of us grew more matured in thinking over all. We might not meet each other often like we used to, but we'll make sure we keep in touch. =) First time having a late night out and a yummy dinner with the loves. Again? No more malls ok, quoting from we.know.who LOL.

Getting busy with studies. setting my aims. I'm not giving up =)
To end the post~

A Syok Sendiri shot. Peace 'yo :D
The shirt of mine and the peace sign said so xP

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God bless you! =)