Saturday, 23 July 2011

A short meet up with the guys =)
Dearies for the girlfriends, Baobei for guys macam x ngam wey. hmm.. thinking of a new term to refer Wy and Tienz. Days before, I was FB chatting Wy and he asked me whether I actually smile when I type a smiley in. Well, yes! weird I know but it's cute xP I have bad sense of direction. So thoughtful of Wy to show me the way from my piano teacher's house after piano class LOL!

At Papparich
taken with Kor's htc sense
Not the best place to talk. Kinda noisy and all. The guys brought their net books along. High tech-nye. Taught Kor to use the Twitter reply thingy cuz he always twits and I don't know which twit he is replying to LOL! Very generous of Wy to share with us what he knows about financial education. I'm glad we made effort to meet up, almost 2 years after graduation and still very much buddies despite studying at different places =)
Last Saturday night, the whole family went to Kota Permai Golf and Country club to attend Lauren and Justin's birthday party. It was an animal safari-themed party. Few weeks before the party, Me, sis and Hannah agreed to helped out with the games for the kids. A very good experience =) Nice sight to see all the kids enjoying the animal quizzes, charades and all. Got an unexpected "Thank you" red packet from Aunty Esther :O with a sweet note behind <3

Librarian Telematch tomorrow. Many memories flooding over. I didn't blogged about my interview and AGM experience. Perhaps I will. August is coming and I should be studying til half mad LOL.


My final year as a student to be a part of this event. Due to tuition, I'm not going for the workshop, sis is going though but I'll be going for the night rally :D If you are interested, don't feel shy to get the flyers from me. I'll personally invite friends and tell you peeps more about it personally. haha. It's good to hear from a personal point of view. cool with that? =)

God bless you! =)