Saturday, 9 July 2011


2 weeks updates.
Lepaked at library on Monday 'cuz there were free periods due to sports preparation etc. Ain't part of sports day 'cuz of the wedding =) Thanks to Shinh Nian, we watched Remi Kangaroo and other videos by Remi and just LOL. Crazy stuff.
Got to chat with my classmates. Exchanged opinions on topics in life. Chee Hong is obsessed with Meteor Garden drama LOL!
Didn't fall alseep in class that often anymore. Wide awake for classes. Praise God.
Kehpoh.ed KH canteen day x)
I'll save the wedding post for next time or after STPM, it was truly a memorable one =) Congrats to Oon-Ee and Shu Yi! =)

The MUET reading test for the MPM survey was 2 hours long, nearly fell asleep, so tired xO
Talked to Pn Nita and mentioned about my results, saddening but she encouraged me, Thanks cher =) Managed to interview some librarian juniors, they got to really work hard with getting the interviews for the seniors, all the best! =) Chauffeured bro and sis from school, heavy responsibility heh? xP 

Friday is probably one of the most memorable day for the week. Joe SIang brought Ying Khian's guitar for CU activity later after school. It was 2 free periods for my class and his class so I went to kehpoh with Beng Ghee. Interviewed juniors in 6B1, talked a bit here and there to get to know the juniors. Asked Joe to perform live and he did, with the guitar that has a missing string LOL! Imagine that. He got us singing along. Pleasant moment. Memories flashed back when I used to go to the secret hideout, CU room for the keyboard or the KH school hall for the grand piano. With the stress and all, some music just releases everything. Thank God =)
CU was fun with games, the lower form kids love it very much, so do the older ones. Talk about fellowship =) CU ain't intense at all.

Bersih. We just want peace in the country.

Promise, I'll give my best in my studies.
Take care peeps =)
God bless you.