Monday, 29 August 2011

Birthday celebration for the Bs!

It was fun and exciting to celebrate the birthdays of my kehpohs.  Fyi: the duo are also known as the Bs. Let the pics do the talking :D

23rd August 2011
Beng loves to be the background.

S.S.ed with Sen Chen's Ace in class. Hopefully I'll get one after trials. China phone gtg.

After school.
Part #1 of the celebration

Surprise! The cake is for Sor Wen AND Sen Chen. We surprised Tan with the surprise he half-planned LOL. Btw, the card he made for wen is so nice! The spoiler? She saw the pics of the card in his phone before we surprise her. AW! but still, the card is nice. WELL DONE TAN! lol.

Part #2 Starbucks Setia Alam
10 peeps all together =)

It's my first time there. Wasn't able to make it but on the day itself, Peik Lai offered to send me home and mum agreed! wow. speechless for a bit. From Setia Alam to Shah Alam wey, she stays in Setia Alam btw. Thanks dear =) 

Finally get to see the SB drive thru LOL! and finally, got the Green Tea Frap + Choc chips.


*cold sweat*

Me and Pang got a surprise for them *LOL*



The Kehpohs! Glad you two like the shirts. LOL factor x)
Photography club is where I got to know these wonderful humans on planet earth.
My boss and vice sec. Happy birthday =)

More camwhores?

Who is the boss now? LOL

A pic to end the post =)

Happy holidays, peeps! God bless you =)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Random shopping

Tuesday til Now.
While waiting for sis to finish tuition, picked bro from school and bought SB for siblings to share. Sharing is Caring right x) Of course, got the J card from mum to get 10% off. Worth it =9 *slurps* Wanted to get Green Tea but since it's THEIR drink, so yea, Choc Cream Chip.

The barista asked for bro's name and wrote it on the cup LOL.

Watson. Went to get contacts saline solution.
Spotted this.
Come on-lah, nobody will pay this price for this, can get cheaper elsewhere. buy SB better xP

Tees Tees Tees! Imma T-holic. Window shopping is no harm x)
PDI and Padini are full of Tees~!


Bought a case file for my piling Accounts homework. Basically done with shopping for the necessities =) Thank God for the day off. I hope you enjoyed your day too.

God bless you =) Study max!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It's been a while since I read Su Li's blog. Linked her but somehow her blog doesn't show up on the updates LOL?

'One thing I realize I regret every time after an event like this, is that when there's an altar call, I won't go out. I have always wanted to experience the presence of God but I'd be too afraid or reluctant to allow myself to do so. Sooooo, dear friends, please drag me out the next time an opportunity presents itself, thanks :D"

Don't let God pass you by. There's nothing to be afraid of since it's just between you and God and no one else =)
God bless you! Public holiday tmr!~

Saturday, 13 August 2011

LOUDER - Charice

Love the effect. Love the lyrics. Simply loving it. Charice rocks.

Oh, letting go. 
All I know, is that I let my heart beat heart speak LOUDER than my head <3

God bless you =)

The bits and pieces

Finally submitted the secretary's report and folio! I want to thank everyone who helped out in any way. Especially Sor Wen and Boss Sen Chen =) We went to develop the pics for the report and made an excuse to have a lil Kehpoh session *teehee*

Printed the teacher's copy, then n pages of report. At the end, printer almost dying of ink LOL.

Work in progress. Self-confessed Procrastinator ;x

CU's stall during Koko Day

The zip of my pencil case is not working anymore, ended up using my ex-ex pencil case LOL! It has sentimental value (lol?) so that's why I kept it instead of throwing it away back then. Old pic =)

It's been a week getting used of the situation now. Doing fine, did not doze off in class that frequent and paid attention to the lesson. One thing about studying like mad is that I care less of the ppl around me. Mind you, I care less, not "don't care" LOL. A level's result was released on Thursday but only on Friday I got to know of Eil's and Wy's result and congratulate them. It's like, I should have done that on Thursday if I do care much right? Thank God they still appreciate the little care I've given. perasan me

An apple a day keeps the doctor away =) 八迪 KL gave me an apple and a sweet note I put under my desk's plastic cover <3

Tadah~! The angry bird dedication made by the librarian juniors. Good job peeps! =)

Econs is still my love. Miss Lim's answering technique talk was useful.
Chopin, please be good to me =/ random hah!
Wynne and her bestie covered Yen-J's song. Nice stuff =)

Thanks for reading =)
God bless you!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

August! Thoughts and updates

AGMS are D.O.N.E.! Congrats to the new board. It won't be easy but it's where you make mistakes and learn from them =) Waiting for the farewell parties ^^  
Stopped tutoring for a month+, students are still in Taiwan for the summer break. 
Delivered a special card yesterday to the one and only Joe Siang that the KHCU juniors specially made for him. I've read the wishes and it's just so aw~~ Family bond going there. Had CU activity in multimedia room watching Nick Vujicic's life testimony. Before the activity ended, we sang a loud and long birthday song to the birthday young man, touched til speechless huh.
Compiling secretary docs to submit next Wednesday. Crazy messy me being the secretary is like a disaster but thank God for Sor Wen. Phew~
I'm glad to settle some things before August started. Then more came in but I'm holding up well =)

Taken way back in June or July
It's sis' cupboard btw. random <3

Misunderstandings. Happen when ppl thought they understand. Clearing it up again and again drives me mad. It's like I've wasted my time on what I thought was worth the while.
Past-Even at the bottom, I'll always be at the front doing the thing I enjoy a lot.
Present-One of the top, so what? I just want to hold myself behind and watch everything like a put.up show.
Totally different.
I tend to forget, when I try to solve it, it comes back slowly like a nightmare.

"I learned to tell the ppl that means a lot to me how much they mean to me. They taught me to."
Action speaks louder than words. However, distance makes action not possible and my 24hours seem so short compared to yours. Meet ups are nice but other days when we're not meeting, does that mean we don't care?
I didn't have to answer that =) That's when words come in. I learned that even a simple thought means a lot as long as it's sincere. Just a text or a random call or so reminds me that we're worth keeping. How nice of you telling me that you thought of me when you're going on with your daily routine without me actually being there. (well, if you just thought and not tell, how would I know, right? Ain't mind reader kays LOL)  I have to do my part too, simple words which means a lot from me. Replying text in school is bad, oh well xP 
Sorry for the emo-ness above. Rest assure I'm still the same me you know from the beginning. We're all going strong =) *pinky promise*

Thanks for reading.

God bless you! =)

Friday, 5 August 2011

ISCF rally 2011

I missed the conference alright. T.u.i.t.i.o.n. =( I'm glad that Sue Xian went even though she's the only girl from High School Klang who attended the conference =) Anyways, this year's rally was in a smaller scale. Instead of having it in Hin Hua like most of the rallies, this year's rally was held in Glad Tidings Klang, which is just in front of my school =) Somehow, I have this homey feeling meeting up with the peeps, especially the KHCU peeps, long time no see =") Quite a number of them transferred to Tenbee international and they admit they missed the old school much. Awww~ Too many ppl to mention one by one here LOL. Heng Yee's back from USA. woots! Met KHCU's new teacher advisor, Mr Joshua. My siblings had been talking a lot about Mr Joshua, good dedicated teacher =) The only guy teacher among the rest of the CU teachers wey LOL.

Me and Su Li!

This looks like a familiar photo lol? Thanks for coming =)

Didn't take cammie along 'cuz there's a prob with the SD card, fixed now though.
Touched by the cardboard presentation.  Grabbed the pics from FB LOL.

It's been a great experience but I was so exhausted, perhaps from random-ing with the peeps? LOL. IDK.

Notes from the pastor's sermon (thanks to Sue Xian, she actually jot notes, good secretary huh? =))
Right Location
Right Leadership
Real Love
Rewarding Lifestyle

Thank God for touching lives.
Thanks for reading =) God bless you!