Saturday, 6 August 2011

August! Thoughts and updates

AGMS are D.O.N.E.! Congrats to the new board. It won't be easy but it's where you make mistakes and learn from them =) Waiting for the farewell parties ^^  
Stopped tutoring for a month+, students are still in Taiwan for the summer break. 
Delivered a special card yesterday to the one and only Joe Siang that the KHCU juniors specially made for him. I've read the wishes and it's just so aw~~ Family bond going there. Had CU activity in multimedia room watching Nick Vujicic's life testimony. Before the activity ended, we sang a loud and long birthday song to the birthday young man, touched til speechless huh.
Compiling secretary docs to submit next Wednesday. Crazy messy me being the secretary is like a disaster but thank God for Sor Wen. Phew~
I'm glad to settle some things before August started. Then more came in but I'm holding up well =)

Taken way back in June or July
It's sis' cupboard btw. random <3

Misunderstandings. Happen when ppl thought they understand. Clearing it up again and again drives me mad. It's like I've wasted my time on what I thought was worth the while.
Past-Even at the bottom, I'll always be at the front doing the thing I enjoy a lot.
Present-One of the top, so what? I just want to hold myself behind and watch everything like a put.up show.
Totally different.
I tend to forget, when I try to solve it, it comes back slowly like a nightmare.

"I learned to tell the ppl that means a lot to me how much they mean to me. They taught me to."
Action speaks louder than words. However, distance makes action not possible and my 24hours seem so short compared to yours. Meet ups are nice but other days when we're not meeting, does that mean we don't care?
I didn't have to answer that =) That's when words come in. I learned that even a simple thought means a lot as long as it's sincere. Just a text or a random call or so reminds me that we're worth keeping. How nice of you telling me that you thought of me when you're going on with your daily routine without me actually being there. (well, if you just thought and not tell, how would I know, right? Ain't mind reader kays LOL)  I have to do my part too, simple words which means a lot from me. Replying text in school is bad, oh well xP 
Sorry for the emo-ness above. Rest assure I'm still the same me you know from the beginning. We're all going strong =) *pinky promise*

Thanks for reading.

God bless you! =)