Monday, 29 August 2011

Birthday celebration for the Bs!

It was fun and exciting to celebrate the birthdays of my kehpohs.  Fyi: the duo are also known as the Bs. Let the pics do the talking :D

23rd August 2011
Beng loves to be the background.

S.S.ed with Sen Chen's Ace in class. Hopefully I'll get one after trials. China phone gtg.

After school.
Part #1 of the celebration

Surprise! The cake is for Sor Wen AND Sen Chen. We surprised Tan with the surprise he half-planned LOL. Btw, the card he made for wen is so nice! The spoiler? She saw the pics of the card in his phone before we surprise her. AW! but still, the card is nice. WELL DONE TAN! lol.

Part #2 Starbucks Setia Alam
10 peeps all together =)

It's my first time there. Wasn't able to make it but on the day itself, Peik Lai offered to send me home and mum agreed! wow. speechless for a bit. From Setia Alam to Shah Alam wey, she stays in Setia Alam btw. Thanks dear =) 

Finally get to see the SB drive thru LOL! and finally, got the Green Tea Frap + Choc chips.


*cold sweat*

Me and Pang got a surprise for them *LOL*



The Kehpohs! Glad you two like the shirts. LOL factor x)
Photography club is where I got to know these wonderful humans on planet earth.
My boss and vice sec. Happy birthday =)

More camwhores?

Who is the boss now? LOL

A pic to end the post =)

Happy holidays, peeps! God bless you =)