Saturday, 13 August 2011

The bits and pieces

Finally submitted the secretary's report and folio! I want to thank everyone who helped out in any way. Especially Sor Wen and Boss Sen Chen =) We went to develop the pics for the report and made an excuse to have a lil Kehpoh session *teehee*

Printed the teacher's copy, then n pages of report. At the end, printer almost dying of ink LOL.

Work in progress. Self-confessed Procrastinator ;x

CU's stall during Koko Day

The zip of my pencil case is not working anymore, ended up using my ex-ex pencil case LOL! It has sentimental value (lol?) so that's why I kept it instead of throwing it away back then. Old pic =)

It's been a week getting used of the situation now. Doing fine, did not doze off in class that frequent and paid attention to the lesson. One thing about studying like mad is that I care less of the ppl around me. Mind you, I care less, not "don't care" LOL. A level's result was released on Thursday but only on Friday I got to know of Eil's and Wy's result and congratulate them. It's like, I should have done that on Thursday if I do care much right? Thank God they still appreciate the little care I've given. perasan me

An apple a day keeps the doctor away =) 八迪 KL gave me an apple and a sweet note I put under my desk's plastic cover <3

Tadah~! The angry bird dedication made by the librarian juniors. Good job peeps! =)

Econs is still my love. Miss Lim's answering technique talk was useful.
Chopin, please be good to me =/ random hah!
Wynne and her bestie covered Yen-J's song. Nice stuff =)

Thanks for reading =)
God bless you!