Friday, 5 August 2011

ISCF rally 2011

I missed the conference alright. T.u.i.t.i.o.n. =( I'm glad that Sue Xian went even though she's the only girl from High School Klang who attended the conference =) Anyways, this year's rally was in a smaller scale. Instead of having it in Hin Hua like most of the rallies, this year's rally was held in Glad Tidings Klang, which is just in front of my school =) Somehow, I have this homey feeling meeting up with the peeps, especially the KHCU peeps, long time no see =") Quite a number of them transferred to Tenbee international and they admit they missed the old school much. Awww~ Too many ppl to mention one by one here LOL. Heng Yee's back from USA. woots! Met KHCU's new teacher advisor, Mr Joshua. My siblings had been talking a lot about Mr Joshua, good dedicated teacher =) The only guy teacher among the rest of the CU teachers wey LOL.

Me and Su Li!

This looks like a familiar photo lol? Thanks for coming =)

Didn't take cammie along 'cuz there's a prob with the SD card, fixed now though.
Touched by the cardboard presentation.  Grabbed the pics from FB LOL.

It's been a great experience but I was so exhausted, perhaps from random-ing with the peeps? LOL. IDK.

Notes from the pastor's sermon (thanks to Sue Xian, she actually jot notes, good secretary huh? =))
Right Location
Right Leadership
Real Love
Rewarding Lifestyle

Thank God for touching lives.
Thanks for reading =) God bless you!