Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Random shopping

Tuesday til Now.
While waiting for sis to finish tuition, picked bro from school and bought SB for siblings to share. Sharing is Caring right x) Of course, got the J card from mum to get 10% off. Worth it =9 *slurps* Wanted to get Green Tea but since it's THEIR drink, so yea, Choc Cream Chip.

The barista asked for bro's name and wrote it on the cup LOL.

Watson. Went to get contacts saline solution.
Spotted this.
Come on-lah, nobody will pay this price for this, can get cheaper elsewhere. buy SB better xP

Tees Tees Tees! Imma T-holic. Window shopping is no harm x)
PDI and Padini are full of Tees~!


Bought a case file for my piling Accounts homework. Basically done with shopping for the necessities =) Thank God for the day off. I hope you enjoyed your day too.

God bless you =) Study max!