Saturday, 24 September 2011

Samsung Galaxy ACE!

Correction: I didn't get it after trials. I got it during STPM trials haha! Bye XiMAX, Hello Samsung! I miss dual SIM but I'll be fine LOL. Bought Ace from one of the dealers from . Received the parcel on within 2 working days =)

Didn't cross my mind to ask for a screen protector, bought that later. Didn't even thought of upgrading it's memory card to a bigger size, 2GB don't seem to be enough =/
Thanks parents, I got my first self-sponsored phone =)

by kimzhiyi

Getting used to charging it everyday. Very Battery-consuming. Loving the apps. Whatsapp for free msges to friends who have that app too, calls aint free btw! And it's only free for a year. Prefer Viber =) Experimenting photo apps too. Little Photo is classic but the file size is a bit too small. 美图秀秀 is ok.

Just Random :P
by kimzhiyi

I didn't forget about STPM kays! STUDY! It's a student's life.
God bless you! =)


She got the result she wanted and mostly importantly, her dream uni =) I'm still so excited and proud of her! We decided to spend a Sunday afternoon together before she flies to UK. Some random pics to share =)

Tested her new cam. One smart cam btw. Love the settings and function =)
Lighter skin tone setting x)

Our purity ring. I don't want to make it sound like a trend, it's purely our personal promise with God =) Spot which is mine? :P

Lunch at Chilis

Grilled Lamb =9

Fajita Trio 

Delicious food. Try it yourself-- that's the best I can describe :P

Focus on the brocolli

Focus on the shrimp!

I'm sure to miss her. I have STPM to keep me busy but I keep track of her updates, she's making new friends and getting used to the surroundings there =) 
Sounds like the song "Jetlag" huh? haha!

All the best, Wynne! Malaysia needs more doctors who are passionate to serve the people. You're blessed to be a blessing =) Take care. Lotsa love <3

Thanks for reading peeps, God bless you!

Friday, 23 September 2011

STKCU Farewell Party and Birthday Party 2011

I admit I took a lot of photos during my KHCU days. Been very occupied with the wonderful STKCU peeps so didn't snap much =) 

STKCU MP at Pn Nita's House! First Monday of the August holiday I think. Didn't keep track of when this and this occur after so long NOT blogging LOL. It was more like a hang put session at our beloved teacher advisor's place. Just relax, have fellowship, food and fun =) Me and Shinh Nian were the only 2 upper 6 seniors who attended. Wei Kwang went to Beijing, En Tze not feeling well and Ke Lin went back to hometown.

Random pics time~! =)

Sweet and simple song from the lower 6 juniors. "I love seniors" in the tune of "Old MacDonald had a farm" xD

Playing with Ying Khian's DSLR :D
Focus on Joe Siang

"I just twitted with Peter's account!" 

Guys' favourite pizzas :P

Sit down, relax and pose xP

Me and Timothy wearing the Mr and Miss T shirt range

Special Thanks to the CU vice president for being so committed in serving STKCU and so many other things to thank you! Glad to work with you =)

told'ya. RANDOM.
Shocker face LOL.

Pn Nita's lil daughter. Cute =)

One of my favourite shots. despite the lightning and all =)

Talent exchanged?!

OH! there was a birthday party during one of the Fridays. more random pics haha.

Pres combo


Sam didi!


All born on 14th of Sept!

 Some of the peeps who were present.

Thanks for reading anyways =) Random much. STKCU have a special place in my heart. I thank God for putting me here for His purpose and for me to know the peeps here. Thank God for Pn Nita too, our dedicated teacher, always =)
God bless you! =)

Ping Pong Farewell Party 2011

Gonna post some long delayed entries. 
Just finished my STPM trials. Phew~! Exhausting period. More to come!

Ping Pong Farewell Party at Mo Mo Paradise Bandar Baru Klang

I was one of the task advisor for the competition group, didn't do much for them, they pretty much rocked it =) WELL DONE, juniors! We have our new President and vice president from this group as well.

A picture for memories

After tuition, tumpang Chien Yi's house before leaving with Peng Lan. The farewell party was basically and sit-eat-play some stand up games and ciao. More fellowship would be nice =)

All the best to all Ping Pong club members! =)

To remember, always =)

LOL. Yup. It's the card for Joe Siang made by the KHCU juniors. How thoughtful of them. I don't think the card is enough for them to write more. FULLHOUSE~!

Pn Cheah wished him too!

Always remembered by the juniors.
Warms my heart somehow to see such bond =)

God bless you! =)