Saturday, 24 September 2011

Samsung Galaxy ACE!

Correction: I didn't get it after trials. I got it during STPM trials haha! Bye XiMAX, Hello Samsung! I miss dual SIM but I'll be fine LOL. Bought Ace from one of the dealers from . Received the parcel on within 2 working days =)

Didn't cross my mind to ask for a screen protector, bought that later. Didn't even thought of upgrading it's memory card to a bigger size, 2GB don't seem to be enough =/
Thanks parents, I got my first self-sponsored phone =)

by kimzhiyi

Getting used to charging it everyday. Very Battery-consuming. Loving the apps. Whatsapp for free msges to friends who have that app too, calls aint free btw! And it's only free for a year. Prefer Viber =) Experimenting photo apps too. Little Photo is classic but the file size is a bit too small. 美图秀秀 is ok.

Just Random :P
by kimzhiyi

I didn't forget about STPM kays! STUDY! It's a student's life.
God bless you! =)