Saturday, 24 September 2011


She got the result she wanted and mostly importantly, her dream uni =) I'm still so excited and proud of her! We decided to spend a Sunday afternoon together before she flies to UK. Some random pics to share =)

Tested her new cam. One smart cam btw. Love the settings and function =)
Lighter skin tone setting x)

Our purity ring. I don't want to make it sound like a trend, it's purely our personal promise with God =) Spot which is mine? :P

Lunch at Chilis

Grilled Lamb =9

Fajita Trio 

Delicious food. Try it yourself-- that's the best I can describe :P

Focus on the brocolli

Focus on the shrimp!

I'm sure to miss her. I have STPM to keep me busy but I keep track of her updates, she's making new friends and getting used to the surroundings there =) 
Sounds like the song "Jetlag" huh? haha!

All the best, Wynne! Malaysia needs more doctors who are passionate to serve the people. You're blessed to be a blessing =) Take care. Lotsa love <3

Thanks for reading peeps, God bless you!