Saturday, 1 October 2011


Having my birthday in the midst of trials is a bit of a mixed feeling. 
Started the morning with a basket of flowers on my desk. Mystery sender huh? I definitely had Ke Lin in mind but that ain't her style of doing things and that is not her handwriting. She played along and then admit that she is the sender LOL! Beng is amazed at Klin's acting xP Aunty arranged the flowers and wrote the note, aww, thanks Aunty! =)
by kimzhiyi

This bunch of crazy ppl came to my house after school to "surprise" me LOL! 
Sue Xian came to me the day before saying:"Kim, I can't go to your house tmr."  
Me:"My house?!?!"
I questioned Beng and he tried to avoid my question. Apalah neighbour ni :P

Invaded my residence! Thank you so much peeps =) We had a crazy fun time, reminder: in the midst of trials! Special thanks to mum who prepared some food for us~ We even had a human dishwasher, rare sight :P

The cake says "Happy birthday Excellent Flavour" LOL!

AND! a total of 19 ppl came together and got me A Fujifilem Instax Camera! shocker. All these while I thought I was using Beng's sis' cam for a week and even lend it to dearies for the outing I couldn't make it. Beng was like:"You think my sis will lend for for a WEEK?!" LOL!!!

awww. Speechless. I don't like the idea of you all spending that amount of $ on me but Don't get me wrong, I like the present you all got for me. Let's use it together then =)
Fyi: I wore uniform in all the Polaroid pics taken so far LOL!
by kimzhiyi

Mun Yan dropped by my house in the evening after college
by kimzhiyi

and brought me the present and handmade card from dearies =)
by kimzhiyi

by kimzhiyi

Would love all of your company but under circumstances we can't but it's ok. Catch up with you all after STPM =)

"Friendship is like a home, it doesn't just happen; it is built and furnished, just like us" =)

Parents and popo gave me Ang pow. Popo's had wishes on it ^^
by kimzhiyi

My after-one-week-birthday present. Due to my busyness, I often give presents a week after, so it's called after-one-week-birthday present LOL! I want to claim copyright dy xP Nicely made =) Thanks for the wishes peeps!
by kimzhiyi

Not forgetting the many FB and sms wishes. Thank you all! from the bottom of my heart =)

Thank God for this life He has given me. I learned to appreciate my life even more and also appreciate the ppl around me, while they are still around me =)
If Monday is the 1st day of the week and IF we have 70 years to live, it'll be 10 years to 1 day, I'm almost at the end of Tuesday.

Thanks for reading! God bless you =)