Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ke Lin’s birthday

She made me come to school on my birthday when there was no trial paper but she didn't come to school on her birthday 'cuz "nobody" is going to school. Turned out Pekpek and 4 other guys were present in her class LOL. A very random plan to give her a visit. Called and arranged with 2 of the dearies, forced Pang to drive us there *evil grin* and ta-dah! It's been a while since I last visited her place. Managed to meet aunty and thanked her for the lovely flowers she arranged for me ^^

Kelin birthday 11-girls

Kelin birthday-guys

Hung out at her place, ate delicious food :9 and snap pics~
I'm the only deary who still owe her a love letter :O one week delay letter perhaps LOL!

To my old old old buddy, (3 graduations together, haven't include our kindergarten graduation LOL)

My chiong-hei long wish will be in your love letter, dear :D

All the best for the REAL STPM exam, it's so so soon!!!
Thanks for reading peeps, God bless you! =)