Sunday, 6 November 2011

A lesson

It was at a one way street in BBK. This car double parked horizontally (the cars were suppose to park vertically)  just before the empty space I wanted to park in. I'm still a P license driver btw. As I turned in, Myvi's butt scratched the front of this car.
To keep the long story short, I was stubborn thinking that I can settle it on my own but parents helped me through this later on. Thank you so much! =") and sorry for being so stubborn, I learned my lesson.
Beng said that I was stupid and should make a police report cuz the owner double parked lol? AND she was the owner of one of the shops, why not just park in? save the parking fees? IDK! Someone even told me to just drive off, I actually went asking around for the owner LOL. 

The damage 



I didn't told my parents about paying for the damage hence did not follow/bring the owner to a car workshop. (told you I WAS stubborn) The owner brought the car to a workshop, told me it will be about RM350 and I agreed for that price. The owner did not told me any changes of the price until I and classmates went to her shop, she wasn't there and the receipt turned out to be more than expected! Beng think it's fake but hey, if the owner did try to make some cash out of this, sad for them cuz she herself is running her own business and in business, this kind of earning ain't a good kind. (You know what I meant)

My parents didn't argue with it, they did the right thing, paid her and hence, it was settled.
Anyway, what's past is past. Blogging this to remind myself to not repeat my mistake. My parents still love me kays x)

I'm bad at parking and gets nervous whenever the sensor starts to beep :O
I admit, I make mistakes, stupid ones, and I'll learn from them, cool enough? =)
God bless you! =)