Monday, 30 January 2012

Reply: to a specially written blog post for me =)

Where did you get that old pic of me? Epic! Ke Lin used to have long hair, I had short hair, now we're the opposite LOL. Most pics are curi.ed from my blog huh? :P

I wasn't the secretary, I was the PnW coordinator in Form 2. You were Form 1, of course you were cute haha! Even without a post, a member can still serve in CU. A post is just a post =) Not any member is greater than the other, all are equally important =) I know right, I miss Ke Lin's sharing and stories etc :D 

Yea, I remember your grandma. You told me your dad is the eldest son in the family. It takes a lot to stand up for what you truly believe, glad you learn something from the funeral.

Aiyo, Everyone is learning, I have no right to scold you LOL. The opportunity given was not to bring you down but to nurture your leadership skills. Good training huh? :P Encouragement was given to me last time by my seniors too, I just pass it on and you passed it to others too =)

HAHA! I'm not afraid to say that I wasn't a good leader at all. I am very flawed. I have my limits and when ppl ain't punctual for activity, it distracts everyone *open door close door noises*

Again, not any post is too high or more important than having no post. It's GOOD you said you have no idea how to handle it, that's when you'll depend on God's help and NOT by your own strength. I forgotten what I've said but it's more like my honest opinions and everyone deserves a chance =) You work well together with Joyce, yes? =)

OH THAT! UPLOAD PLS! All of you looked so CUUUTTEE! :D if possible, lower down the Ah Long song, very irrelevant LOL!

(Year 2010) Want to know the real person who is leading? Look up =)

I miss KHCU, you understand that feeling. In STKCU, that's when ALL OF US APPRECIATE the freedom and privileges we had in KHCU. Challenges help us to grow. STKCU went through a lot, nearly closed down, activities restricted, we used to have a room btw. STKCU has our own T shirt, cool! :D I'm a human and I can't possibly be taking care of everyone but I try my best to. If they do not open up, I can just pray and nothing else. Form 6 left me nyawa-nyawa ikan. Will pray for you =)

I'm glad to shine some light into your life, thank you =)
You learned after all, I didn't teach you =)
You grabbed the opportunity to serve God, proud of you =)
I'm a Kehpoh ma :P Thank you for opening up, glad to be a listener.
I didn't gave you the memories, it's created by the bits and pieces of your CU life.
I love Music too, supporting you in music is what I do haha! joking :P Use your talents for His glory. Supporting you still =)
Thank you for blogging such a long post for me LOL. First time blogging, not bad mah ^^ But I don't know why there's so many "J" in the paragraphs. Check it pls? =)

God bless you =)
Your sister in Christ,
Kim <3

I think I left everybody else clueless with this LOL so, just enjoy this video below =)

More peeps :)

2 guys again but this time, with Dear Klin ^^v Klin is no stranger on this blog, need no further intro <3 
The guys

"They are looking at us lo.."
"See, Cin Yan has this Ukulele. (how to translate 够力的?LOL!), he wants to play for us"
"Kai Chern wants to sing" murmurs...
"First song!"
"It's dark eh"
"Never mind. Making this video is so gay" LOL!
"sit a bit closer" 
"I don't know the lyrics!"
"Again lah"

The video was posted quite some time ago. I want to get a ukulele, was invited to jam with them :P Arranged for house visiting when I just came back from the previous meet up with Tienz and Aaric. Both of them are staying in Setia Alam, they traveled to Shah Alam, picked me then house visiting at Ke Lin's place, back to Setia Alam for dinner, Cin Yan's house, Kai Chern's house, fetch us back to Shah Alam and they drove back to Setia Alam.
 Setia=> Shah=> Setia=> Shah=> Setia
Wow, the journey woots! Played the Ukulele during the journey :D but lost the pretty purple pick, so careless =( Both their mums are our teachers, 1 primary school teacher, 1 secondary school teacher. Being the only child, CY's place has a music room. Jamming :D Saw KH Librarian's new uniform, KC's sis is the current president btw ^^ It was late when they got back to Shah Alam, didn't manage to visit my place. To sum it up, it was a nice, simple and fun house visiting =)

Picture taken at Kai Chern's place.
KC is actually pushing Klin's head. Random pose of Me and CY :P

Thanks for reading and laughing along.
God bless you peeps! =)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Peeps and gifts.

Met up with Tienz kor and Aaric at Black Canyon, Aeon Bukit Tinggi.

Had lunch together, chat and snap. Learned a lot about Photography from Aaric. An eye opener =)
Like this pic a lot. Growing up. Nice eh? :D

Unexpectedly received a purple pick from Aaric. Pretty purple :D Me likey.

Before the meet up, Kor bugged me to choose a present but I refused. My birthday is long over plus I owe him a present too. Anyway, he got me this. Tastefully chosen bag~Bear! and lip balm that I have to use to prevent my lips from peeling/cracking. Thoughtful =) Save me to shop for lipbalms for the next 2 years I think LOL!
Thank you guys. Missed Wei Yan around =)

Kehpoh.ed sis' gathering with KHCU peeps. Su Mei's birthday celebration too :) Joe Siang texted me earlier on saying that he wants to pass me a gift and if I happen to go to STK, do inform him. Excited to see him and of course, who doesn't like receiving gifts? LOL!

Purple~! xD

Inside the bag, is Praying Hands and a Thank You card. The content is just AWW~!ness. PnC ops. Thank you, Joe Siang! =)

House visiting later. Just some random short updates. Thanks for reading =)
God bless you! =)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

大伯母给我可爱的红包 :)
Be bless peeps :)
Angpows aint just about the kah-ching, but it's the blessings our elders give to us.
Most importantly, God bless you and your family :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

An L sized T shirt?

Random: Tested the 12MP Olympus cam at first, the quality is bad =/ can't focus macro properly compared to my 5MP Samsung Ace. The previous Olympus cam I had was way better but you know the story-lah, stolen! Larger MP doesn't mean better.

Back to the post LOL.
If you know my current body frame, the size L will NOT be on your mind, prolly a S, agree?
Look what we have here. A L sized T shirt!

wonder if it fits me...




Edited with Camera 360 app. Dramatic-ish huh.

I didn't tell you that it was a L sized KID'S SHIRT, did I? LOL. Caryn has a Cookie Monster shirt and if I'm not mistaken, Samuel has a running Elmo shirt lol? Finally, I have an Elmo shirt ^^v Didn't see any during my shopping at Singapore's Bugis Street, only found a funny Starwars Coffee Tee haha. I know I'm so childish, so it the person who gave me this :P Special thanks to Pang :D 

Can't believe I'm so into Sesame Street but I have nothing SS LOL! Those cute puppets amuses me back then. Learned my A-B-C by watching SS in UK 'yo. according to my parents. I kinda forgot what I did when I was young. Childhood memories. Just a ques, Where and when should I wear this? Kinda funny cute LOL. Another pic!


Delayed my youth camp post. Again. I know. I'm partially jobless. Full-time piano student. Just some updates =)
Thanks for reading. God bless you! =)

Recesky TLR camera

Arrived in the mail. Can't wait to assemble it! :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Read Wynne's blog post.
Some thoughts of my own that is taken from her beautifully written post =) :


The vid made me teary. The packing part and the instax pic part :"( The day I read the post by Wynne was the day I met up with dear Su-Lin, who is now in USA.  Shared it on CP's group. Soon, one more deary is gonna FLY~! aww! but for her future ahead =) 你放心的去。。。

Just got back from Kuantan. Blog debt piling :O Gonna clear it off but no promises >< 
CNY's soon! woots.
Thanks for reading. God bless you! =)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

CP made way to Genting!~

3rd-4th January 2012

It used to be CP10 which consists of 10 self-admitted crazy people of 5S1 back in Kwang Hua. The group expanded eventually *lol* 
It's my first trip with friends, never been to any graduation trips or what so ever. They know my parents-lah :P but I'm almost an *ahem* older teen dy so it's a yes this time LOL. Thank you for all who made it. Special thanks to the organizers who booked the place and arranged everything =)

The 8 peeps who made it to the top!

Personally, I would say that 8 ppl is JUST NICE! We got our bus ticket the morning we meet up in KL central. The last 8 seats available at 9.30am to Genting. Praise God. The bus stopped and we took the skyway, 8 ppl max per Skyway er.. cabin?

We checked in and we were deciding whether to enter the theme park on the first day. It was misty, it rained and we were kinda late to have longer time in the theme park. We all agreed to just hang out in the hotel room and hopefully the next day we'll be able to hit the theme park. Thank God the next day..

taken using Samsung Galaxy Ace without edits.
the cooling weather plus the warmth of the sun *in love*

We had to check out and get our tickets back so it was kinda rushing. Anyways, we stuck together and worked together =) While 4 are still having lunch, the other 4 head to collect all the luggage in the lobby. 4 slept early while 4 stayed up to FISH! haha! (It's a card game btw :P)

Self-timer.ed shot with Eil's cam ^^
8 of us

Thanks Mun Yan for sacrificing her appearance on pics to snap the other 7. Appreciate much =)
She brought her UWS and Action Sampler Flash to snap, can't wait to see the developed pics =)

We re-celebrated JY and Klin's birthday =")

We had a great time catching up with each others' life, talking our hearts out, getting to know each other more. It's amazing how 8 ppl can stay in a rather small space, the toilet and shower doesn't have a lock btw. Tolerance and team work made it possible =) Thank you all again! *hugs*! Thank God for His protection over us too. Till our next gathering~

Random: On the way back, met Aaric, Cin Yan, John and Ming Yen. like:"what are you doing here?" Lol.

Random pic to end the post.
Mun Yan snapped a candid shot of me LOL!

God bless you! =)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Chatime catch up sessinon and other bits of stuff

Hello my dear peeps who actually check here~! *LOL* Blessed new year =) I know I've not been blogging. Was away in Singapore and Johore from 26 Dec till 2nd Jan, Genting 3rd-4th Jan. Piano class and catch up session on the 5th and today's the 6th! 
For my blog debts from last year, I've decided to post them under the date 31st Dec 2011. Posts about last year, I'll leave it as last year's.

5th Jan 2012
After piano class, picked Isaac up from his home. GPS rawks! :D He's back from Singapore for holiday and is going back soon. I hadn't seen him for almost 2 years? After STPM, msg.ed him to ask whether he is free for a catch up session and tadah!

Newly opened Chatime @ AEON Bukit Tinggi.
My 2nd time at Chatime, 1st cup of the year 2012 ^^

We sat and talked about anything that was on our minds: Church, school, college, friends, parents etc. He said:"not as much awkward silences as I expected" LOL. True, I mean, we might not have that many common topics to talk about but I don't mind, I just like to catch up with old ex.junior and friend =)

People change. People move on in life. I understand when he mentioned how he don't feel welcomed when he's back here. He rather attend the adult service in church with his parents. Totally understand that :/ Friends now perhaps no longer make the initiative to meet up. Action does speak louder than words. Just plainly saying "let's meet up one day" isn't gonna happen if no action is taken. It's home here but the homey feeling isn't here, kinda sad huh =/ But overall I'm glad he has a community in Sg where he can learn and grow =) He is one of the smart Malaysian studying in Singapore and most probably gonna stay in Australia. Malaysia's lost :/

Before I send him home, I took out my instax and snap a pic of him. It's for the lovely girlfriend to keep btw =) Til next time.

Thank for reading peeps. I like to meet peeps, esp catching up, I bet you know that :D
God bless you!