Friday, 6 January 2012

Chatime catch up sessinon and other bits of stuff

Hello my dear peeps who actually check here~! *LOL* Blessed new year =) I know I've not been blogging. Was away in Singapore and Johore from 26 Dec till 2nd Jan, Genting 3rd-4th Jan. Piano class and catch up session on the 5th and today's the 6th! 
For my blog debts from last year, I've decided to post them under the date 31st Dec 2011. Posts about last year, I'll leave it as last year's.

5th Jan 2012
After piano class, picked Isaac up from his home. GPS rawks! :D He's back from Singapore for holiday and is going back soon. I hadn't seen him for almost 2 years? After STPM, msg.ed him to ask whether he is free for a catch up session and tadah!

Newly opened Chatime @ AEON Bukit Tinggi.
My 2nd time at Chatime, 1st cup of the year 2012 ^^

We sat and talked about anything that was on our minds: Church, school, college, friends, parents etc. He said:"not as much awkward silences as I expected" LOL. True, I mean, we might not have that many common topics to talk about but I don't mind, I just like to catch up with old ex.junior and friend =)

People change. People move on in life. I understand when he mentioned how he don't feel welcomed when he's back here. He rather attend the adult service in church with his parents. Totally understand that :/ Friends now perhaps no longer make the initiative to meet up. Action does speak louder than words. Just plainly saying "let's meet up one day" isn't gonna happen if no action is taken. It's home here but the homey feeling isn't here, kinda sad huh =/ But overall I'm glad he has a community in Sg where he can learn and grow =) He is one of the smart Malaysian studying in Singapore and most probably gonna stay in Australia. Malaysia's lost :/

Before I send him home, I took out my instax and snap a pic of him. It's for the lovely girlfriend to keep btw =) Til next time.

Thank for reading peeps. I like to meet peeps, esp catching up, I bet you know that :D
God bless you!