Saturday, 7 January 2012

CP made way to Genting!~

3rd-4th January 2012

It used to be CP10 which consists of 10 self-admitted crazy people of 5S1 back in Kwang Hua. The group expanded eventually *lol* 
It's my first trip with friends, never been to any graduation trips or what so ever. They know my parents-lah :P but I'm almost an *ahem* older teen dy so it's a yes this time LOL. Thank you for all who made it. Special thanks to the organizers who booked the place and arranged everything =)

The 8 peeps who made it to the top!

Personally, I would say that 8 ppl is JUST NICE! We got our bus ticket the morning we meet up in KL central. The last 8 seats available at 9.30am to Genting. Praise God. The bus stopped and we took the skyway, 8 ppl max per Skyway er.. cabin?

We checked in and we were deciding whether to enter the theme park on the first day. It was misty, it rained and we were kinda late to have longer time in the theme park. We all agreed to just hang out in the hotel room and hopefully the next day we'll be able to hit the theme park. Thank God the next day..

taken using Samsung Galaxy Ace without edits.
the cooling weather plus the warmth of the sun *in love*

We had to check out and get our tickets back so it was kinda rushing. Anyways, we stuck together and worked together =) While 4 are still having lunch, the other 4 head to collect all the luggage in the lobby. 4 slept early while 4 stayed up to FISH! haha! (It's a card game btw :P)

Self-timer.ed shot with Eil's cam ^^
8 of us

Thanks Mun Yan for sacrificing her appearance on pics to snap the other 7. Appreciate much =)
She brought her UWS and Action Sampler Flash to snap, can't wait to see the developed pics =)

We re-celebrated JY and Klin's birthday =")

We had a great time catching up with each others' life, talking our hearts out, getting to know each other more. It's amazing how 8 ppl can stay in a rather small space, the toilet and shower doesn't have a lock btw. Tolerance and team work made it possible =) Thank you all again! *hugs*! Thank God for His protection over us too. Till our next gathering~

Random: On the way back, met Aaric, Cin Yan, John and Ming Yen. like:"what are you doing here?" Lol.

Random pic to end the post.
Mun Yan snapped a candid shot of me LOL!

God bless you! =)