Tuesday, 17 January 2012

An L sized T shirt?

Random: Tested the 12MP Olympus cam at first, the quality is bad =/ can't focus macro properly compared to my 5MP Samsung Ace. The previous Olympus cam I had was way better but you know the story-lah, stolen! Larger MP doesn't mean better.

Back to the post LOL.
If you know my current body frame, the size L will NOT be on your mind, prolly a S, agree?
Look what we have here. A L sized T shirt!

wonder if it fits me...




Edited with Camera 360 app. Dramatic-ish huh.

I didn't tell you that it was a L sized KID'S SHIRT, did I? LOL. Caryn has a Cookie Monster shirt and if I'm not mistaken, Samuel has a running Elmo shirt lol? Finally, I have an Elmo shirt ^^v Didn't see any during my shopping at Singapore's Bugis Street, only found a funny Starwars Coffee Tee haha. I know I'm so childish, so it the person who gave me this :P Special thanks to Pang :D 

Can't believe I'm so into Sesame Street but I have nothing SS LOL! Those cute puppets amuses me back then. Learned my A-B-C by watching SS in UK 'yo. according to my parents. I kinda forgot what I did when I was young. Childhood memories. Just a ques, Where and when should I wear this? Kinda funny cute LOL. Another pic!


Delayed my youth camp post. Again. I know. I'm partially jobless. Full-time piano student. Just some updates =)
Thanks for reading. God bless you! =)