Monday, 30 January 2012

More peeps :)

2 guys again but this time, with Dear Klin ^^v Klin is no stranger on this blog, need no further intro <3 
The guys

"They are looking at us lo.."
"See, Cin Yan has this Ukulele. (how to translate 够力的?LOL!), he wants to play for us"
"Kai Chern wants to sing" murmurs...
"First song!"
"It's dark eh"
"Never mind. Making this video is so gay" LOL!
"sit a bit closer" 
"I don't know the lyrics!"
"Again lah"

The video was posted quite some time ago. I want to get a ukulele, was invited to jam with them :P Arranged for house visiting when I just came back from the previous meet up with Tienz and Aaric. Both of them are staying in Setia Alam, they traveled to Shah Alam, picked me then house visiting at Ke Lin's place, back to Setia Alam for dinner, Cin Yan's house, Kai Chern's house, fetch us back to Shah Alam and they drove back to Setia Alam.
 Setia=> Shah=> Setia=> Shah=> Setia
Wow, the journey woots! Played the Ukulele during the journey :D but lost the pretty purple pick, so careless =( Both their mums are our teachers, 1 primary school teacher, 1 secondary school teacher. Being the only child, CY's place has a music room. Jamming :D Saw KH Librarian's new uniform, KC's sis is the current president btw ^^ It was late when they got back to Shah Alam, didn't manage to visit my place. To sum it up, it was a nice, simple and fun house visiting =)

Picture taken at Kai Chern's place.
KC is actually pushing Klin's head. Random pose of Me and CY :P

Thanks for reading and laughing along.
God bless you peeps! =)