Saturday, 28 January 2012

Peeps and gifts.

Met up with Tienz kor and Aaric at Black Canyon, Aeon Bukit Tinggi.

Had lunch together, chat and snap. Learned a lot about Photography from Aaric. An eye opener =)
Like this pic a lot. Growing up. Nice eh? :D

Unexpectedly received a purple pick from Aaric. Pretty purple :D Me likey.

Before the meet up, Kor bugged me to choose a present but I refused. My birthday is long over plus I owe him a present too. Anyway, he got me this. Tastefully chosen bag~Bear! and lip balm that I have to use to prevent my lips from peeling/cracking. Thoughtful =) Save me to shop for lipbalms for the next 2 years I think LOL!
Thank you guys. Missed Wei Yan around =)

Kehpoh.ed sis' gathering with KHCU peeps. Su Mei's birthday celebration too :) Joe Siang texted me earlier on saying that he wants to pass me a gift and if I happen to go to STK, do inform him. Excited to see him and of course, who doesn't like receiving gifts? LOL!

Purple~! xD

Inside the bag, is Praying Hands and a Thank You card. The content is just AWW~!ness. PnC ops. Thank you, Joe Siang! =)

House visiting later. Just some random short updates. Thanks for reading =)
God bless you! =)