Monday, 30 January 2012

Reply: to a specially written blog post for me =)

Where did you get that old pic of me? Epic! Ke Lin used to have long hair, I had short hair, now we're the opposite LOL. Most pics are curi.ed from my blog huh? :P

I wasn't the secretary, I was the PnW coordinator in Form 2. You were Form 1, of course you were cute haha! Even without a post, a member can still serve in CU. A post is just a post =) Not any member is greater than the other, all are equally important =) I know right, I miss Ke Lin's sharing and stories etc :D 

Yea, I remember your grandma. You told me your dad is the eldest son in the family. It takes a lot to stand up for what you truly believe, glad you learn something from the funeral.

Aiyo, Everyone is learning, I have no right to scold you LOL. The opportunity given was not to bring you down but to nurture your leadership skills. Good training huh? :P Encouragement was given to me last time by my seniors too, I just pass it on and you passed it to others too =)

HAHA! I'm not afraid to say that I wasn't a good leader at all. I am very flawed. I have my limits and when ppl ain't punctual for activity, it distracts everyone *open door close door noises*

Again, not any post is too high or more important than having no post. It's GOOD you said you have no idea how to handle it, that's when you'll depend on God's help and NOT by your own strength. I forgotten what I've said but it's more like my honest opinions and everyone deserves a chance =) You work well together with Joyce, yes? =)

OH THAT! UPLOAD PLS! All of you looked so CUUUTTEE! :D if possible, lower down the Ah Long song, very irrelevant LOL!

(Year 2010) Want to know the real person who is leading? Look up =)

I miss KHCU, you understand that feeling. In STKCU, that's when ALL OF US APPRECIATE the freedom and privileges we had in KHCU. Challenges help us to grow. STKCU went through a lot, nearly closed down, activities restricted, we used to have a room btw. STKCU has our own T shirt, cool! :D I'm a human and I can't possibly be taking care of everyone but I try my best to. If they do not open up, I can just pray and nothing else. Form 6 left me nyawa-nyawa ikan. Will pray for you =)

I'm glad to shine some light into your life, thank you =)
You learned after all, I didn't teach you =)
You grabbed the opportunity to serve God, proud of you =)
I'm a Kehpoh ma :P Thank you for opening up, glad to be a listener.
I didn't gave you the memories, it's created by the bits and pieces of your CU life.
I love Music too, supporting you in music is what I do haha! joking :P Use your talents for His glory. Supporting you still =)
Thank you for blogging such a long post for me LOL. First time blogging, not bad mah ^^ But I don't know why there's so many "J" in the paragraphs. Check it pls? =)

God bless you =)
Your sister in Christ,
Kim <3

I think I left everybody else clueless with this LOL so, just enjoy this video below =)