Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Been working everyday. Housework haha! Dishes, floor... I sound so traditional but yeap, Imma housemaid :P Alternate day tutoring. Piano practice. Finding/listening to music. Reading haven't been easy, studying the Bible is another challenge to be overcome, can't rely much on devotional material. Not attending SOM cuz dad say it isn't necessary. like swt. What I learn? :/ Got to maximize my holiday wey. All my other friends are BUSY working, studying in coll. Attended DG twice so far. Almost a whole 6 hours outside including traveling time. Nothing much to say about it now but hey, I made my first step *pats my back* Played piano for Chinese Church twice now, great experience, learned a lot and can't seem to put it into words. Grandma's here, hope to spend some time with her. She fixed my dress :D
COD.ed with INAT ^^v Went to STK to visit CU. Just so nice to see the peeps and of course Pn Nita =) Snapped with Instax but given out.
Went to Midvally IT fair. Upgraded my microSD card but Ace's internal memory is just so little. Family got a new Netbook. I'm yet to Skype my twin
STPM result :O fast fast come out.
CPP 's farewell! Blog soon :)
There's a 29th of February this year, woots! =)
Some random updates from me. No pics *yawn* Hope I did not bore you too much.
Dinner nao.
God bless you! =)

Nick Of Time - Jin

I know of MC Jin from Jaeson Ma's 1040 movie. Rap music. Shared a few songs on Facebook last time. Some Canto there. Something's wrong with Jaeson Ma's website? IDK. Jeremy Lin! ;) Wanted to blog this out when I first heard this song, but I needed time to understand and "feel" the song. Do read the description of the Youtube video, how Jin got his inspiration for this song. I downloaded the song from the link given ^^v Jin's Twitter.

The biggest thing is to understand that your talent, your ability to play basketball is a gift from God. I think the biggest thing is to understand that you have to use that for God's glory.

Yeah I been on my grind
reachin' for the top and You've been on my mind
they stready (can't find the meaning of stready lol? typo?)  tryin' to stop my shine
but it's always been Yours its never been mine
You always come thru just in the nick of time
You come thru in the nick of time
You come thru in the nick of time
so I give it up to You everytime I shine

See this if life to me to you it's entertainment
its quite intricate and only I can explain it
to say I've come a long way would be an understatement
the moment of truth every single one is savored
chasing greatness not the pressure that it came with
far from picture perfect observe as I paint it
dealing with the games highs and lows
you win some you lose some yeah I suppose
but when the sweet smell of victory is by my nose
I see whats goin' on even when my eyes are closed
guarantee you're not stoppin' me or blockin' me
all I need is one shot promised you'll be shocked to see
the outcome I don't just play to win
every time I lace up yeah I play for Him
doin' my all to make sure that Your glory is known
while they fighting for the title see the King on His throne

Yes I'm really here to serve You not just pretend to
with each setback I intend to
learn from experience and get better with time
no matter what I achieve none of the credit is mine
in the grand scheme of things You're the head of design
and in any circumstance You said I'll be fine
the ultimate play maker I follow Your lead
never find need to feed into these naysayers
who repeatedly told me that I would never make it
You're probably testing me to see if I could take it
the bond between us they could never break it
all that You have given me I shall not forsake it
Your grace patience and all of Your love
which one don't I deserve it's all the above
where amazing happens I love this game
only one reason I'm playing and God is His name

I think also something that I needed to learn was just because you pray and just because you give it up to God doesn't mean that you're gonna win, and doesn't mean that you're necessarily gonna have a great performance and all that, but I think there's something special about playing the right way and having the right attitude even if you don't necessarily win or have a successful career.

Sharing my thoughts on songs. More to come I guess :P
God bless you! =)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Random pics

At Shah Alam Lake Garden

The Models

Kung Fu.ed!

Captured with Peik Lai's Canon EOS 6000D =)
Me likey ;)
God bless you!

Photography Club Farewell Party 2011

Will leave it here for a week then will transfer it to 31 December 2011 to categorize it as 2011's blog post =)

We were suppose to have our MP in Empire Gallery Subang but due to the explosion (was it?), Empire Gallery was closed for a period of time. MP postponed til quite late, 27th of October 2011, so close to STPM.

V One Concept Restaurant and Bar @ Puchong
Dress code for MP: RED

Overall the food is nice. Ordering using iPad is a nice concept but we have so many ppl that it wasn't really sufficient and efficient. Ppl from another table were smoking. They can just go outdoors right? I'm just sensitive.


This is NOT in the menu. Made by the juniors. They also made a disgusting drink that made seniors puke literally. =.= No performances by them, WAI? :/ I know I sound like I'm making such a big fuss but we prepared performances for our seniors. Our Boss even solo.ed a song. Guess our batch is much cooler and sporting :P ^^v

Seniors and Juniors

Can't get many of the pics cuz it's quite dated, scrolled down my photos and manage to get some.

We, the seniors, did photoshoot session for classes, school events and many more. Many times it requires us to sacrifice our classes, no choice, the Form 6s are better at handling students and even troublesome ppl in school (get what I meant?) LOL. Totally trained our patience when waiting for classes under the Sun most of the time. Each one of us contributed to buy our club's DSLR at first, before the club earned enough to refund us back. My cousin's wife (that I mentioned in CNY post) is her school's photography club's teacher advisor, she bought her own Canon EOS 60D and lend her students, so nice!

Personally, no regrets for me. When my ex.lib.juniors from KH came in to STK, they were like:"Wah, Kim, finally, officially part of Photography Club" aww =) The crazy librarian girl who always takes her compact camera around shooting Librarian Events and often mistaken as a member of Photography Club back then, now is shooting even more. Not to say DSLR is better than compact cam, it's the person's skill that is improving :P And of course, for me, it ain't just shooting all the way, paperworks! :O but phew, went through that with dear Sor Wen =)
Missing Baby. Take care of it, juniors!

Thanks for reading an old update of mine. Librarian MP post not done. God bless you =)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Yeap, I've been reading a lot recently, that includes the Bible. Doing Exodus. When I was younger, I kinda know the Old testament stories and happenings by heart but it wasn't in-depth. Like, my head knows it all but my heart is yet to understand it, if that make sense to you lol? Re-reading it since I'm very free now LOL. STPM RESULT, WHEN U OUT?!
How many of you read something, got inspired and if you don't write it down somewhere, you literally forgot what you've read and what actually hit you? I do :/ I do not have the habit of writing a review or thoughts after reading, even back in school where there was a record book from the reading program to write down the books you've read together with it's synopsis/moral values learned after reading. That's hopefully gonna change for me =)

Quoting from the interview, it speaks and relates to many of us who grew up in a Christian family as a kid. Wynne twin, hope you are reading this =)

"My faith and my basketball began separately, then slowly converged, and now they influence each other."
Praying that my passion and my faith will influence each other as well.

"My parents also took me to church ever since I was a little kid.  I grew up in the church, but I didn't really become a Christian until I was a freshman in high school.  That's when the gospel really started to make sense to me and I was ready to give my life to God. "
Another example. We weren't born a Christian just cuz our parents are. It's not a 2nd hand faith but our own =)

"Slowly, God revealed more to me.  I started learning how to trust in Him, not to focus so much on whether I win or lose but to have faith that God has a perfect plan.  For me to put more of an emphasis on my attitude and the way that I play, rather than my stats or whether we win a championship.  I learned more about a godly work ethic and a godly attitude, in terms of being humble, putting others above yourself, being respectful to refs and opponents There are really so many ways you can apply your faith to basketball. "

"That's why everyday, when I wake up and go to practice, I remind myself to be grateful that I have been so blessed."

"Not just in basketball, but I think in life, when you're called to be a Christian, you're automatically called to be different from everyone else. In today's world of basketball, it makes you really different, because the things that society values aren't necessarily in line with what God values."

"Much of it comes down to humility.  We as Christians are called to be humble.  And if we really understand the gospel, we will be humble.  We should be humble, and understand that everything that is good comes from God.

"We are also called to turn the other cheek and love our enemies. There are times on the basketball court when people will say things to you, and you just have to bite your tongue and love them. It's almost as though you have to love then even more, and that love means more if they're wronged you."

Jeremy Lin, Faith, and Ethnicity
"The right way to play is not for others and not for myself, but for God. I still don't fully understand what that means; I struggle with these things every game, every day. I'm still learning to be selfless and submit myself to God and give the game up to Him. It's a challenge, but thankfully I'm learning more and more."

"At the same time, I understand that there are kids who will look up to me, and I have a duty to be a godly role model.  So in some sense, I don't play for them, but in another sense I do try to carry myself in a way that reflects God's image." 

Powerful words. God-sent. A life that is touching lives.

My family do not subscribe to satellite tv or more specifically Astro hence no live NBA games to watch =( Frankly, I do not know if Malaysia has our own basketball team or if they broadcast the games, but I know we always "GOL GOL GOL" for football. Watched football during a dinner gathering, didn't interest me much but basketball, oh yea! :D

My advice? just read the FULL interview, these are just extracts. 
Thanks for reading. God bless you! =)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I watched this recently. Load it and watched it, there goes my comp time, but it was worth it =)

Jeremy Lin and mummy. Love the family's love :)

He didn't really wanted to go to Harvard ?! 40 spicy chicken wings, woots!

Part 1

Yeap, Children who grew up in Sunday School ain't always that nice and adorable, we are, you know, KIDS! LOL. But of course, everything starts to make sense as I grow up, I know who and what I believe in =)

Part 2

If we do things to please others, our happiness will fluctuate with how ppl react.
"What are you living for? What do you think about most when you wake up?"

My advice isn't for you guys to all to convert right away, my only encouragement is just get to know God. A little bit more.
Give my best effort in school or whatever, and let God control the results. I don't know what to think now, STPM RESULT, PLS BE NAIZ :'(
Forgive those who wronged me.
Show the ppl around me that I love them, even to the ppl I have a hard time loving.
Jeremy Lin is so cute when he nervously tells his mum that he loves her :) The little brother part, ahhh, my bro is the same :P

Thanks for watching and reading. I love you! :)
God bless you!

Congrats, Taylor Swift! =)

Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance. Grammy 2012!
"With that same big loud opinion
But nobody's listening"

"All you are is mean
And a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life 
And mean, and mean, and mean, and mean!" :P

She's playing the Banjo btw. 13 is her lucky number =) Stand ovation :D
Watched her interview with Jordan and Oprah in 2009. She's so real, I mean, she's a real person, get what I mean? LOL :P She showed Jordan around her bedroom (!), house, backstage in the concert etc. She's talented of course ^^ Congrats Taylor! Pls come to Malaysia :3

Monday, 13 February 2012

Updates and CNY

4th February 2012
Chilling at Starbucks Setia Alam with Kehpoh, Machi, Didi and friends before attending WF4L later. Sen Chen snapped with Ace and edited it with Paper cam app (I think)
Taken with Samsung Galaxy Ace

Did random things along the week. Can't really remember what :/
Subway after guiding Nanny to his customer's house in Shah Alam golf club. Sen Chen's shot with Ace again LOL! Italian BMT :9

Anyways, to clear some blog debt:
Chinese New Year!  
@ Johor
Had a lot of visiting. Discussed about photography with my cousin and my other cousin's wife LOL! Note: they are in their 40's. good to have a common topic despite the age gap :)

Sis, nephew and niece on the 2nd day of CNY.

@ Singapore!
It was practically clear in Singapore, many shops are not open. Had more visiting! Visited my granduncles, grandaunts and aunties that I didn't get to meet up the last December holiday. ops, another blog debt?! :P

Went to the Farm mart to buy fish for the gathering and crabs!

House visiting! @ Ke Lin's place with most of the CPs =) yeap, my 2nd time to her place during the CNY period LOL!

Some High School Klang peeps came to visit my house. Brought them to the nearby Shah Alam Lake Garden for photoshoot and the playground. Taken using Peik Lai's new Canon EOS 6000D. I'm holding Beng's new Recesky TLR camera btw ;)
Shah Alam Lake Garden

The Ladies.
Loving the picture quality that the DSLR produces =)

That's some updates. Thanks for reading. God bless you! =)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Natthan viber.ed me that he won tickets from Flyfm. I was excited for him, even more excited when he invited me, totally unexpected! :D Enjoyed the show. We talked about the Wongfu vids we watched while lining up in the queue, feels good to have a friend of the same interest *does the WF4L sign* VV :D

Thanks again =)

Before the WF guys' appearance, there were some opening act. My fave? Shawn Lee! Beatboxing woots! Took a short video but it takes so long to upload here. Perhaps an official video will be uploaded on Youtube? =) The vid below is specially dedicated to Sor Wen =) Watch Phil move LOL! Sorry, nothing much from my cammie. Ted couldn't make it aww.

During the event, we got to watch the special Premier of "Home is where the Hans are" Episode 2 and part of Episode 3, also Leehom's MV, SHELL and some of their uploads. According to the WF guys, Leehom is such a humble person. *thumbs up*

Can't make up my mind which is my favorite video from Wongfupro. Check them out kays! :D

Thanks for reading. God bless you!

Thursday, 2 February 2012


A day after my final paper for STPM is Youth Camp 2011. Had mixed feelings as it felt like I have nobody with me. Thank God for siblings and more "siblings" LOL! Being the eldest among all, pressure anot? I even had to peel off the prawn shell for a now 17 year old "lil sister" pampered much :P I definitely miss Wynne and Su Xian BADLY. I signed up for youth camp anyway, perhaps it was a way to get back in touch with the youths and maybe with DG. My leaders from Form 1 til now had been changing for a few times, until camp only I knew about our current leader. I won't call them my leaders yet as they are practically strangers to me. Noah had Physics so he came a day later, phew, at least, at last, somebody around, our Ah-neh ^^.

Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot from camp, it was a good one. These are just my inner thoughts that most ppl find it weird. I just got to get myself sorted lol?

The so called "Mandarin speaking peeps" ain't a clique. Just so happen after every DG discussion, we sit together around the same table. We are from different ages, so it's quite cool in my opinion cuz we can just mingle with peeps of all ages, not just limited to our own DG. For some of us, it's not like we don't understand English, we're just not used to speaking in a long, smooth sentences.
I encounter this: Someone was describing a new comer, describe all you want but never say "kinda CHINA-ISH", like, "what?!" just because she can speak Mandarin, doesn't make her China-ish. Home-school ppl are general OK in their English. For me, I speak in  any language I feel most comfortable in. Stop labeling before any one of them opens up their mouth and call you a banana or worst, someone who forgotten your roots. I know I sounded harsh but, it's the fact. No offence. Think. Everyone has their strength and weakness.

Throne room. All of us were asked to find someone to pray and share with. I will always be there for the younger ones but for me to share my thoughts with them, ain't relevant lol? Stood behind the hall, looking and praying. At last? John came to me. I told him I was looking for somebody preferably same age or older to share with but no luck =( Noah was leading a group so can't get him. Cut the long story short, we shared our struggles and prayed about it. I was still looking for erm, help? 5 days camp wey.

One of the nights after session, I talked to Kor Oon-Ee about some stuff (I forgot exactly what dy) but it's settled. then my problem. Finding a place in church. My church for literally my whole life. I did attend youth on Saturdays back then but it did not last due to distance. For my siblings, things changed as my parents are now much eager to send them to church every Saturday. My ex "leaders" did say some stuff regarding distance, like it's not a problem at all. They do not understand, try driving from church to my house for a few times, I doubt you'll complaint to me anymore. After some time, no more caring whether I attend youth or not. Besides Wynne, Kor Oon-Ee has the picture of my background: My parents, siblings, family as a whole. They know how much my CUs play a VERY BIG part in my walk of faith. Poured out all my disappointments, feelings and of course, tears >< *talk, teary, choke, wash face* Thinking back, that was pretty scary :O in front of Kor Oon-Ee samore :/ Willa came out to join us for a while. The conversation ended with a prayer about 3am. Thanking God for the good influences I have. Without KHCU, I might grew cold back then and will never be serving in any aspects, and I might not be any part of STKCU. Now it's time to move on and find another place/area/(idk what term to use.) Did not doze off the next morning but puffy eyes @.@

Another night, talked to Noah when the rest of the DG was busy laughing away. I guess I prefer quality talk/discussion time. Shared about our Form 6 life and plans/thoughts we had in mind. Catching up with an old pal =)

I did try to get to know the new group better so when the time it comes for me to join the Friday nights meeting, it won't be as awkward as it would be. I need Wynne nao! =( They were always running around as the service team. Occasionally, I had to join another DG. Thank God for various ppl who talk to me. Caryn and Su-Kim. It meant a lot to me. Su-Kim apologized 'cuz she didn't know I was of that age group? idk. she said that if she knew, she would have slotted me in the service team. From the bottom of my heart, I did not blame her, so many things are going around and it wasn't obvious. My own group did not even notice, what more her? =) I was happy that she came and talk to me anyway =)

I wouldn't want any new comer to experience what I did. like I don't know where I should be at this time, should I go join the other group for discussion or should I wait for the original group that I was placed in to finish servicing and join them? At least tell me where should I be/go.

I was rude to turn down a kind offer, I apologized after that. I'm flawed too but I learn from my mistakes.

No hard feelings. Just thoughts. Now.. is it Friday soon? :/ :O

Thank you for reading. Meant a lot to me. Judge me if you want to be judged.
God bless you =)