Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Been working everyday. Housework haha! Dishes, floor... I sound so traditional but yeap, Imma housemaid :P Alternate day tutoring. Piano practice. Finding/listening to music. Reading haven't been easy, studying the Bible is another challenge to be overcome, can't rely much on devotional material. Not attending SOM cuz dad say it isn't necessary. like swt. What I learn? :/ Got to maximize my holiday wey. All my other friends are BUSY working, studying in coll. Attended DG twice so far. Almost a whole 6 hours outside including traveling time. Nothing much to say about it now but hey, I made my first step *pats my back* Played piano for Chinese Church twice now, great experience, learned a lot and can't seem to put it into words. Grandma's here, hope to spend some time with her. She fixed my dress :D
COD.ed with INAT ^^v Went to STK to visit CU. Just so nice to see the peeps and of course Pn Nita =) Snapped with Instax but given out.
Went to Midvally IT fair. Upgraded my microSD card but Ace's internal memory is just so little. Family got a new Netbook. I'm yet to Skype my twin
STPM result :O fast fast come out.
CPP 's farewell! Blog soon :)
There's a 29th of February this year, woots! =)
Some random updates from me. No pics *yawn* Hope I did not bore you too much.
Dinner nao.
God bless you! =)