Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I watched this recently. Load it and watched it, there goes my comp time, but it was worth it =)

Jeremy Lin and mummy. Love the family's love :)

He didn't really wanted to go to Harvard ?! 40 spicy chicken wings, woots!

Part 1

Yeap, Children who grew up in Sunday School ain't always that nice and adorable, we are, you know, KIDS! LOL. But of course, everything starts to make sense as I grow up, I know who and what I believe in =)

Part 2

If we do things to please others, our happiness will fluctuate with how ppl react.
"What are you living for? What do you think about most when you wake up?"

My advice isn't for you guys to all to convert right away, my only encouragement is just get to know God. A little bit more.
Give my best effort in school or whatever, and let God control the results. I don't know what to think now, STPM RESULT, PLS BE NAIZ :'(
Forgive those who wronged me.
Show the ppl around me that I love them, even to the ppl I have a hard time loving.
Jeremy Lin is so cute when he nervously tells his mum that he loves her :) The little brother part, ahhh, my bro is the same :P

Thanks for watching and reading. I love you! :)
God bless you!