Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Nick Of Time - Jin

I know of MC Jin from Jaeson Ma's 1040 movie. Rap music. Shared a few songs on Facebook last time. Some Canto there. Something's wrong with Jaeson Ma's website? IDK. Jeremy Lin! ;) Wanted to blog this out when I first heard this song, but I needed time to understand and "feel" the song. Do read the description of the Youtube video, how Jin got his inspiration for this song. I downloaded the song from the link given ^^v Jin's Twitter.

The biggest thing is to understand that your talent, your ability to play basketball is a gift from God. I think the biggest thing is to understand that you have to use that for God's glory.

Yeah I been on my grind
reachin' for the top and You've been on my mind
they stready (can't find the meaning of stready lol? typo?)  tryin' to stop my shine
but it's always been Yours its never been mine
You always come thru just in the nick of time
You come thru in the nick of time
You come thru in the nick of time
so I give it up to You everytime I shine

See this if life to me to you it's entertainment
its quite intricate and only I can explain it
to say I've come a long way would be an understatement
the moment of truth every single one is savored
chasing greatness not the pressure that it came with
far from picture perfect observe as I paint it
dealing with the games highs and lows
you win some you lose some yeah I suppose
but when the sweet smell of victory is by my nose
I see whats goin' on even when my eyes are closed
guarantee you're not stoppin' me or blockin' me
all I need is one shot promised you'll be shocked to see
the outcome I don't just play to win
every time I lace up yeah I play for Him
doin' my all to make sure that Your glory is known
while they fighting for the title see the King on His throne

Yes I'm really here to serve You not just pretend to
with each setback I intend to
learn from experience and get better with time
no matter what I achieve none of the credit is mine
in the grand scheme of things You're the head of design
and in any circumstance You said I'll be fine
the ultimate play maker I follow Your lead
never find need to feed into these naysayers
who repeatedly told me that I would never make it
You're probably testing me to see if I could take it
the bond between us they could never break it
all that You have given me I shall not forsake it
Your grace patience and all of Your love
which one don't I deserve it's all the above
where amazing happens I love this game
only one reason I'm playing and God is His name

I think also something that I needed to learn was just because you pray and just because you give it up to God doesn't mean that you're gonna win, and doesn't mean that you're necessarily gonna have a great performance and all that, but I think there's something special about playing the right way and having the right attitude even if you don't necessarily win or have a successful career.

Sharing my thoughts on songs. More to come I guess :P
God bless you! =)