Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Photography Club Farewell Party 2011

Will leave it here for a week then will transfer it to 31 December 2011 to categorize it as 2011's blog post =)

We were suppose to have our MP in Empire Gallery Subang but due to the explosion (was it?), Empire Gallery was closed for a period of time. MP postponed til quite late, 27th of October 2011, so close to STPM.

V One Concept Restaurant and Bar @ Puchong
Dress code for MP: RED

Overall the food is nice. Ordering using iPad is a nice concept but we have so many ppl that it wasn't really sufficient and efficient. Ppl from another table were smoking. They can just go outdoors right? I'm just sensitive.


This is NOT in the menu. Made by the juniors. They also made a disgusting drink that made seniors puke literally. =.= No performances by them, WAI? :/ I know I sound like I'm making such a big fuss but we prepared performances for our seniors. Our Boss even solo.ed a song. Guess our batch is much cooler and sporting :P ^^v

Seniors and Juniors

Can't get many of the pics cuz it's quite dated, scrolled down my photos and manage to get some.

We, the seniors, did photoshoot session for classes, school events and many more. Many times it requires us to sacrifice our classes, no choice, the Form 6s are better at handling students and even troublesome ppl in school (get what I meant?) LOL. Totally trained our patience when waiting for classes under the Sun most of the time. Each one of us contributed to buy our club's DSLR at first, before the club earned enough to refund us back. My cousin's wife (that I mentioned in CNY post) is her school's photography club's teacher advisor, she bought her own Canon EOS 60D and lend her students, so nice!

Personally, no regrets for me. When my ex.lib.juniors from KH came in to STK, they were like:"Wah, Kim, finally, officially part of Photography Club" aww =) The crazy librarian girl who always takes her compact camera around shooting Librarian Events and often mistaken as a member of Photography Club back then, now is shooting even more. Not to say DSLR is better than compact cam, it's the person's skill that is improving :P And of course, for me, it ain't just shooting all the way, paperworks! :O but phew, went through that with dear Sor Wen =)
Missing Baby. Take care of it, juniors!

Thanks for reading an old update of mine. Librarian MP post not done. God bless you =)