Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Natthan viber.ed me that he won tickets from Flyfm. I was excited for him, even more excited when he invited me, totally unexpected! :D Enjoyed the show. We talked about the Wongfu vids we watched while lining up in the queue, feels good to have a friend of the same interest *does the WF4L sign* VV :D

Thanks again =)

Before the WF guys' appearance, there were some opening act. My fave? Shawn Lee! Beatboxing woots! Took a short video but it takes so long to upload here. Perhaps an official video will be uploaded on Youtube? =) The vid below is specially dedicated to Sor Wen =) Watch Phil move LOL! Sorry, nothing much from my cammie. Ted couldn't make it aww.

During the event, we got to watch the special Premier of "Home is where the Hans are" Episode 2 and part of Episode 3, also Leehom's MV, SHELL and some of their uploads. According to the WF guys, Leehom is such a humble person. *thumbs up*

Can't make up my mind which is my favorite video from Wongfupro. Check them out kays! :D

Thanks for reading. God bless you!