Saturday, 31 March 2012

Manhattan Fish Market and The Hunger Games Screening

woots! Makan-ed with The Kehpohs + Andy + Pang on 29/3/12
Random plan but it worked out. Thanks Sen Chen for tagging us on FB regarding this promo lol!

Fish and Chips! I must say it's very filling to my tummy. Go during non-promo? nope, kinda got sick of it before my 2nd piece :X

While waiting for the rest. Andy and Sen Chen snap a pic of me holding Andy's new Samsung Wonder. Another Samsung user wohoo! 
Random fact: It's like a mini Photography Club's outing, Boss, Secretaries and Treasurers ;)
Collected my lenses from Focus Point after 20days of waiting, that's why I no likey lenses, mafan :/ I only have astig power in my lenses. Dropped by Osim to say Hi to Nanny Gan :)

Way back on 21/3/12..
The Hunger Games Screening at E@ curve! I won passes thanks to Nuffnang. My first time winning tickets =") haha! getting sentimental pulak. Nice movie with the wonderful peeps ^^~ came straight from work.
The Hunger Games

Posing for Sor Wen at Kim Gary LOL
All smiles :D

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed weekend =) Oh and happy belated Earth Hour. Save Mother Earth =)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Updates, Youtube- Clara C and My generasi

I'm back phew! *gives bloggie a CPR* Done with my uni application, kinda headache with that but Thank God it's done :D Life after STPM can be a whole lot of free time OR busy max with stuff. The Sunday that just passed was a jam-packed day woots! Vlog not edited but hopefully I'll get it done by Friday =) I need to practice my piano o.o Many ppl were commenting/suggesting/pointing? why not I choose to get into private coll to study music. The thing is, I spent most of my time studying for STPM for the past 1 year? 0.5 year dreaming I think :X that I did not have enough time for piano. EXCUSES EXCUSES. but hey, TRY balancing STPM and piano post-grade 8, it's a PAIN to enjoy. So, I probably lose on my audition compared to those non-STPM.ers who have slightly more time to practice long and hard =( I'm not even ready with my pieceS for masterclass with Prof.! Had 1 last year this time *here*

Went looking for some inspirations/motivations. One is a newly met friend who is passionate about performing, he got the guts and went to try out for a competition. I salute him wey. Not to mention his good result. WHY HIGH SCHOOL KLANG NO P.PERNIAGAAN? =.= apparently my combination of subjects are killers, quoting Puan Choong. My "poorest" result was her subject :P but she's happy for me lol? I IMPROVED *pats my back* haha! what a wordy post.

Another is some Youtuber cum Singer cum songwriter. In love with their covers. I shall start with Clara C. I replayed this countless of times. Piano <3 soulful <3 there's a different twist to it. Covers are meant to be different from the original singer =)

My generasi video is going viral. Nice video btw *thumbs up* I am the kind of person that doesn't blindly follow trends, or am I just picky :P but this is real good. I shared it on my primary 6 classmates' FB group, those who watched it liked it. Our class pic was EPIC xD memories :')

FB msg-ed JoeSiang. Someone who understands. He is really good at finger-style guitar (I hope I didn't get that wrong), salute him for posting his music on Youtube =) He said that there are some who compares him with Sungha Jung, I'm like "what?!" Sungha Jung is good but some of his covers are kinda overrated lo. My honest opinion. Not siding either person. I liked Sungha Jung way before JoeSiang started posting covers. Nevertheless, I encourage ppl to go after their passion. *don't look at me now*

I looked funnyugly in videos, that's what I don't usually see and that's what ppl see from their eyes haha! 

God bless you! :D

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Smart ;)

Recently started to play Draw something on my Ace. Rachel wrote "Our fave bball player". WHO ELSE!? :D random.

God bless you! =)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Veneeze Restaurant @ Jaya One experience using Livingsocial voucher.

It started with Munyan asking me whether I'm free to join her and Eileen for lunch on the 3rd of March. It was the same day The Markets @ Jaya One event was held. Excited much because it was her treat ;) and we get to shop after lunch :D

Yeap, my duty was to snap pics~

 The voucher.

I was running late, came straight after my church's prayer day. The drinks had been served when I arrived.


My portion of Pasta

 Soup of the day

Ice tea

There were 3 of us so Eil ordered another drink. On top of that, we ordered a starter. Saute Mushrooms I guess? The starter came after the main dishes LOL! Frankly speaking, the food was not bad at all until Munyan took a bite of her slice of pizza, chewed hard, realized she couldn't chew it and spit it out. To her horror...

*I flashed it so the plastic can reflect a bit*

We kindly asked the waiter to come over our table and informed him that there's a piece of hard plastic in our food. While I went to the washroom to wash my hands, he took the plastic away telling her it's "tulang sotong". Thankfully I snap a pic before he did! Without apologizing in the first place, he went to the kitchen, made phone calls etc. I saw Munyan went to the counter and asked:"That's plastic right?"  They admitted.

In the end, she went back to her seat, asked the waiter/manager to come over again, he just said that his boss agreed to not charge us for the additional orders. No apology YET. until Munyan said that all she wants is an apology and pointed that their customer service is bad. Then only he apologized, not sincere, I'm serious :/ I used my phone to snap the display of the camera, posted it on Twitter and Foursquare. Then, we walked out of the restaurant without finishing our desserts.

Noticed me and Eileen liked the status?

Good food, bad customer service, I don't likey. 
Mamaks have not bad food, better customer service than this, I think I might as well go mamak :/
What's missing in this post? Photos of our happy faces, perhaps posing with food.
We didn't expect any compensation, just a "I'm SORRY" in the 1st place would not made this experience so unmemorable. Also, so much for wanting to submit an entry to Livingsocial. Aiya.

Be careful of what you chew. Thank God she didn't swallow it :O
God bless you! =)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Finally, I had my first Skype session with Wynne =)
I head to sleep after that, she was just about to start her day LOL.

Taken from her Macbook.
Skype with Wynne

Dear readers of my blog, since you are reading this, bonus for you :P I made Wynne a video for her birthday. Encounter many probs, I ain't computer savvy, but phew, managed to get it done :D watch at own risk yea ;)

God bless you =)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Messy Mondays

Came across these vids from Uncle Henry's FB. Do watch it, you won't regret ;)


God bless you! =)

Monday, 12 March 2012

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? thoughts after reading

I was rather happy reading this. I shampoo my hair once every 2 days most of the time, sometimes once in 3 days, ppl hearing this will go :O LOL. I consider myself as someone hygienic but since I have dry hair, washing it everyday doesn't work for me. 

From the article:
"Oil-known as sebum-travels more easily down smooth, straight hair, making it look greasier faster. Sounds a little gross, but sebum helps moisturize and waterproof the hair shaft."
Yeap, my 2nd day unwashed hair feels much more smooth and moisturized.

"If you can't stand a being a little oily, then coat your wet hair with conditioner up to the ears to protect it and then just wash the scalp." 

"On gym days, try simply rinsing with water instead of shampooing and finish with a light conditioner to detangle." "spot clean around the hairline with a little dry shampoo. It will also help stretch the time between blow outs."
"When you have a flaky scalp its not dirty, its dandruff or a form of psoriasis,"

"If you are used to washing your hair daily, it can take a few weeks to get used to a new routine. You may be over producing sebum to compensate for stripping the scalp. Gradually increase the days between shampooing and see if your hair becomes healthier and takes more time to appear dirty as a result." 

Save water too ;) Do read the full article :)
Do share if you come across any interesting articles.
God bless you! =)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

I survived STPM

7/3/12 was Result Day

Proud to say 


*teary* *emotional* 

Those were the days where I struggled A LOT T.T  The effect lasted quite long. Insomnia. etc. Thank God for teachers and ppl who supported me and guided me. Now, which uni to apply? Dateline: 2nd April 2012.

Haven't been blogging in a while. Promised myself to complete a personal project before I start to blog about anything. Just completed it *pats my back* will elaborate further on Result Day, the struggle, etc. 

God bless you! =)