Monday, 12 March 2012

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? thoughts after reading

I was rather happy reading this. I shampoo my hair once every 2 days most of the time, sometimes once in 3 days, ppl hearing this will go :O LOL. I consider myself as someone hygienic but since I have dry hair, washing it everyday doesn't work for me. 

From the article:
"Oil-known as sebum-travels more easily down smooth, straight hair, making it look greasier faster. Sounds a little gross, but sebum helps moisturize and waterproof the hair shaft."
Yeap, my 2nd day unwashed hair feels much more smooth and moisturized.

"If you can't stand a being a little oily, then coat your wet hair with conditioner up to the ears to protect it and then just wash the scalp." 

"On gym days, try simply rinsing with water instead of shampooing and finish with a light conditioner to detangle." "spot clean around the hairline with a little dry shampoo. It will also help stretch the time between blow outs."
"When you have a flaky scalp its not dirty, its dandruff or a form of psoriasis,"

"If you are used to washing your hair daily, it can take a few weeks to get used to a new routine. You may be over producing sebum to compensate for stripping the scalp. Gradually increase the days between shampooing and see if your hair becomes healthier and takes more time to appear dirty as a result." 

Save water too ;) Do read the full article :)
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God bless you! =)