Saturday, 31 March 2012

Manhattan Fish Market and The Hunger Games Screening

woots! Makan-ed with The Kehpohs + Andy + Pang on 29/3/12
Random plan but it worked out. Thanks Sen Chen for tagging us on FB regarding this promo lol!

Fish and Chips! I must say it's very filling to my tummy. Go during non-promo? nope, kinda got sick of it before my 2nd piece :X

While waiting for the rest. Andy and Sen Chen snap a pic of me holding Andy's new Samsung Wonder. Another Samsung user wohoo! 
Random fact: It's like a mini Photography Club's outing, Boss, Secretaries and Treasurers ;)
Collected my lenses from Focus Point after 20days of waiting, that's why I no likey lenses, mafan :/ I only have astig power in my lenses. Dropped by Osim to say Hi to Nanny Gan :)

Way back on 21/3/12..
The Hunger Games Screening at E@ curve! I won passes thanks to Nuffnang. My first time winning tickets =") haha! getting sentimental pulak. Nice movie with the wonderful peeps ^^~ came straight from work.
The Hunger Games

Posing for Sor Wen at Kim Gary LOL
All smiles :D

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed weekend =) Oh and happy belated Earth Hour. Save Mother Earth =)