Thursday, 15 March 2012

Veneeze Restaurant @ Jaya One experience using Livingsocial voucher.

It started with Munyan asking me whether I'm free to join her and Eileen for lunch on the 3rd of March. It was the same day The Markets @ Jaya One event was held. Excited much because it was her treat ;) and we get to shop after lunch :D

Yeap, my duty was to snap pics~

 The voucher.

I was running late, came straight after my church's prayer day. The drinks had been served when I arrived.


My portion of Pasta

 Soup of the day

Ice tea

There were 3 of us so Eil ordered another drink. On top of that, we ordered a starter. Saute Mushrooms I guess? The starter came after the main dishes LOL! Frankly speaking, the food was not bad at all until Munyan took a bite of her slice of pizza, chewed hard, realized she couldn't chew it and spit it out. To her horror...

*I flashed it so the plastic can reflect a bit*

We kindly asked the waiter to come over our table and informed him that there's a piece of hard plastic in our food. While I went to the washroom to wash my hands, he took the plastic away telling her it's "tulang sotong". Thankfully I snap a pic before he did! Without apologizing in the first place, he went to the kitchen, made phone calls etc. I saw Munyan went to the counter and asked:"That's plastic right?"  They admitted.

In the end, she went back to her seat, asked the waiter/manager to come over again, he just said that his boss agreed to not charge us for the additional orders. No apology YET. until Munyan said that all she wants is an apology and pointed that their customer service is bad. Then only he apologized, not sincere, I'm serious :/ I used my phone to snap the display of the camera, posted it on Twitter and Foursquare. Then, we walked out of the restaurant without finishing our desserts.

Noticed me and Eileen liked the status?

Good food, bad customer service, I don't likey. 
Mamaks have not bad food, better customer service than this, I think I might as well go mamak :/
What's missing in this post? Photos of our happy faces, perhaps posing with food.
We didn't expect any compensation, just a "I'm SORRY" in the 1st place would not made this experience so unmemorable. Also, so much for wanting to submit an entry to Livingsocial. Aiya.

Be careful of what you chew. Thank God she didn't swallow it :O
God bless you! =)