Friday, 6 April 2012

Jun Sung Ahn

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Safe and Sound.

Violin + piano. Suka! :D I watched a Guitar + violin cover of the same song. Honestly speaking? My opinion? I like this violinist's translation/style lol? if that makes sense
Guess what? The next thing I did was to subscribe his channel. He dances too. Do check the vids out at Jun Sung Ahn's channel!
Curryahn sounds like Korean right? =) smart.

Watched it again during Easter Rehearsal. Daniel Song mentioned that it's quite similar to his bro's name, Jun Song haha! Federick was all hyped when he just knew Daniel is Korean, K-pop madness :P

Would like to collab and make some music, covers and/or originals with my musically influenced friends. It would be fun and encouraging, I thought =) My views about Youtubing and even blogging, if all of those are just purely for cash or fame, it's kinda pointless to me. That's why I'm still blogging, why? 'cuz  I just like to do it :D It's a bonus if someone reads it. I get all excited like "you read that xx post? :D" but of cuz if the post was dedicated to a specific person, I'll sorta make them read it? LOL!

God bless peeps, it's Good Friday. A day to remember Christ who laid down his life for all of us while we were still sinners. Amen =)