Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Latest Vlog. The Hunger Games, Starbucks, and many other random stuff.

So yea, The Hunger Games Movie gang made this vlog. Just cuz you're reading this *hehes*, you get to watch :P Wanted to make this an April Fool thing but PHAILED MAX AIYA! nvm,it was fun editing the vid, got to brush up my skills =) A girl on Twitter who is a Joseph Germani fan found this, watched it and wanted to go watch Hunger Games LOL! random.
FYI: I've been out whole day, woke up, arrived Chinese Church for worship practice at 8.30am, church, Easter Presentation Practice, shower then Starbucks O.O

Yea, join Nuffnang! ;)

Caramel Macchiato~ I thought the Setia Alam's barista brewed this better. IDK what's with the Centro's baristas, usually they are friendly and they make yummy Starbucks but this time =/ Kien Tian's Java Chip looked like Dark Mocha, tasted like Dark Mocha according to Sen Chen AND there was a HUGE ice in the drink! Didn't request for a new drink, just re-blended it.

Me and kehpoh Wendy. 
*waves at the other kehpoh ;)*
=3 face? haha

No work this week. Rehearsals, Good Friday and Easter Sunday is up!
RIP Aunty. I followed those email updates about you.
Take care and God bless peeps.