Monday, 16 April 2012


Warning: A girly post.
Don't judge, wear a wig :P LOL! I'll share the deets here~
Woke at 8am to practice the Chinese Worship songs. NONE of the songs are familiar to me. Came home rather late from DG on Friday night. *zombie-fying* Eil and Yuyu are in town so we made time to meet up. Arrived Eil's house at 10.15am. Due to some miscommunication, Eil and me went ahead for our appointment while Yuyu and Chor have their shopping spree at an online shop's physical outlet LOL.

Some time ago we bought this Mani Pedi package from I love discounts. I barely travel to Puchong so we thought why not have a trip there but as you know, turned out to be a date with just Eil =) 
At Loveliness Nail & Beauty Centre. Very easy to find, thanks to GPS. Miscomm again, we made appointment for 2 ppl but turned out to be just 1. So instead of 2 hours there, we spent almost 4 hours in the rather small yet cozy parlor.

Eil still can't make up her mind which colour to choose :P

#likeaboss :P

Colours to pick from.
Nail colour

FYI: We both aren't that pampered/princess-ish, it's our first mani and pedi session believe it or not. We do paint our nails ourselves. Mani and pedi are rather pricey for me as a student if not for the group buying deal. Money doesn't fall from the sky so I do appreciate the things I have.

For RM29 we got:
-Classic Manicure
-Classic Pedicure
-Feet Callus Removal
-OPI Nail Colour
-Free Nail Art for Toenails
-Free Gift (tiny sample of body scrub and lotion) 

I'm satisfied with the service :D Won't be going back there as it's kinda far to purposely go there and unless I find another mani-pedi buddy, Eil's leaving for India soon... aww!

Final product :D
I skipped the blings for the other nails cuz it would be kinda complicated, that's what I thought =)

For my fingernails, I went for a sweet pink colour. I know it won't last me long as I trim my nails very often for piano. I like how clean it looks though ^^

Blur me wore a peep-toe flat, should have go in my usual flip-flops. According to the manicurist, it takes up to 3 hours for the polish to completely dry O.O Thankfully Eil has a spare sandals in her car =) After that, we were In a rush to collect Myan's shoes in IOI mall then head back to Shah Alam for teatime with the others. Ended the meet up at Eil's house sorting the stuff we bought. The dress I bought doesn't fit me, it's rather baggy at the sides. *I'm such a stick :/* Gave it to Chor and I'm glad she liked it, can't wait to see her wear it :D She gave me a pretty maxi dress earlier on but I haven't wore it out :P GIRLS! HAHA! <3 Love my dearies.Came home at 5pm then get ready for the Easter Encore Performance at church. What a packed day huh! Waiting for the pics from the event to be posted so I can continue to blog~

What a girly-fied post. Guys, if you finished reading it, I salute you xD
God bless peeps =)