Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mun Yan's 20th birthday celebration

It's like, Form 6 life had been so hectic that I missed a handful of outings and gatherings. Life after STPM? We the most free and easy :P Referring to me and Klin

Closer to our homes

Surprise at 8pm~

Klin requested the waiter to arrange this surprise. No wonder the waiter kept on making rounds and check out our table, he was actually waiting for Klin's signal lol! Good customer service ^^ We sorta "booked" the whole floor, as you can see not many costumers around :P 

Birthday day girl

with Klin. Yummy cake made by Klin and her mum~ :9

Straight from my work. flat bangs


We had yummy food. Tomyum soup etc :9 not putting pics here but you can check out my mobile uploads album on FB =) We thought the price was reasonable, had some food to takeaway, full max. Both of us prayed for chor, how nice is that? ;) We went to Giant for some *ahem* aunty-ish shopping xP I have no idea regarding the prices of groceries these days :x Simple yet memorable celebration cum catchup session. 

Mun Yan had a 2nd round celebration with high school classmates. They couldn't finish the cupcakes so she dropped by my house, gave me 3 of these pretty looking food LOL.

Another round of outing~
Had lunch at PapaJohn then they head to Pyramid while I decided to go home to submit my uni application. Handmade birthday booklet with all our wishes. Made by Klin ^^

Yuyu is back for holiday!

Oh yea, besides the not-so pleasant experience at Veneeze Restaurant Jaya One, I did enjoy my time with the girls. Some happy pics? =)

At ShareTea Jaya One after shopping~



No pics of me, sweaty max :P :x

Dearies post *hearts*

Thanks for reading. God bless you peeps!