Monday, 9 April 2012

Nail stickers from Seventeen Magazine

Got this for FREE with Seventeen Malaysia April issue. It was The Nature issue so that's why I bought it LOL!
Purple nail stickers from Seventeen mag Malaysia

Very easy to stick and trim. I tried filing it but it didn't file off nicely so I used a lil pair of scissors instead. I seldom paint my fingernails as my fingers are rather pointy and after 2 days, I have to cut my nails to avoid the noisy *clicking* sound on the piano. I have to cut my nails quite deep :( my teacher always ask me to file them but the friction makes me :/ ahh!

Purple nail stickers from Seventeen mag Malaysia

Pretty design :) Some ppl asked about it, thinking I spend a lot of time painting but I just told them "it's Stickers :D" JOY.

HMM. An so-so issue. Expected more Green Ideas though. I didn't read the interview etc. Fashion ideas are ok but if you really want to buy the exact thing displayed, most of them cost a BOMB. I assume most readers are from age 13-20+, the younger ones won't be able to afford that unless they are like, really rich LOL! Just my honest opinion =) Any of my friends who are interested, feel free to borrow this issue from me LOL!

Googled and found this:
What is the most ecologically safe way to dispose of old nail polish?
Answer from Yahoo! answers
Lemme know what you think :)

Thanks for reading =) God bless you!