Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rejoice, Android users! Instagram is here for us~


Photo editing was good with Camera 360 before Instagram was made available to Android-ers. It has a lot more of special effects compared to Instagram. The things I do like about Instagram is that we can share the pic on other social networks, follow our friends and celebs, like pretty pics. Picture speaks a thousand words =) I have an Instagram Account thanks to my student and my iPhone user friends x)

Easter performance rehearsal on Thursday.
Me and Sis


Good Friday service

Easter Sunday
Flags in church.

Pretty boy Federick getting his makeup done by Auntie May. One of our flag member. Sarah's college mate. Ernest and Johanan's lips were RED. No choice. Stage makeup ma =)

Easter Sunday is beyond bunny and colourful eggs. It's a day to celebrate victory over sin and death because Christ is risen! :D

Saturday, 14th April 2012
Venue: SSMC
Time: 8PM
2nd round of performance! You're invited :)

After practicing for close to 3 months (wow! 3 months! kinda got used to having lunch in church straight after church, stretching, hand ache :X etc.) Thank God for this opportunity to demonstrate His Love through performances. We're blessed indeed as we perform =)

God bless you! =)