Friday, 27 April 2012

Thoughts : Audition

A glimpse.
23/4/12 Monday
Just before heading to work at 5pm, checked with my phone after reading Sen Chen's twit. UPM audition 26/4/12. WOW. that soon? Spammed Twitter. After work and dinner, head to Chinese Church for pianist training. Shared the news with the peeps. Back home, texted teacher to get the original scores tmr. Teacher was very helpful. Arranged with Wei Kwang to have a short music session. Pending for a long time since our F6 days when I often say I want him to teach me some skills. He got a distinction for ATCL wey, *salute max*

24/4/12 Tuesday
Off to Hin Hua. Got the books. Met teacher's colleague. Got some unexpected insights about the Unis I applied. Drove to Wei Kwang's place. Got lost. Had a fruitful time of learning from the pro haha! Feels good when you just sit and listen then someone plays the piano and violin skillfully~ Very generous of him to share his knowledge and experience.

25/4/12 Wednesday.
Couldn't make it for IKUPM's Easter Aftermath Production. Starbucks Happy hour 50% off promo! :D Tried the new Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap (MCCF=blurblur frap? :P)  *check my instagram ^^*

Of course practice max for all 3 days. It's like eating and sleeping, a necessity

26/4/12 The day, Thursday
Parents drove me to UPM after we dropped bro for school. Was listening to The Afters- Lift me up, can cry wey, something that hits at the right time. Interview time starts at 10am according to the letter. Arrived about half an hour earlier, slightly after Jerald and Wei Kwang arrived. Sat down and chatted. Apparently the interview has begun, perhaps there was a 9 am slot? IDK. Thank God for the warm sun outside. My hands get cold in any air-cond room. No. 10 in the list. To speed up the interview time (I think), the ppl in charge split us into 2 rooms. I was the first to go in the 2nd room, no time to panic LOL!

Went in. Greeted the lecturers, 2 ladies. I have no idea what is their names. 
Was asked to show my certs, just music certs. Grade 8 practical and Grade 6 theory ABRSM. 
I was asked what I put as 1st choice and 2nd choice in my application. UM was 1st, UPM 2nd. 
Asked to play my pieces. I thought Kwang Hua's piano was epic LOL! Played Chopin Nocturne Op 55, played less than 2 pages out of 4 pages then was told to stop. Next piece, Debussy Arabesque No.2, just manage to play 1 page out of 6 pages then was asked to stop. 
Went to my seat. 
Was asked if I have a 2nd instrument. Nope, just piano. 
Asked how long I have been playing. 10 years (on and off at the beginning cuz changed teachers). 
End of interview. 
Left room. 
Whole interview process took 5 mins if not lesser.

Ppl waiting outside was kinda shocked + surprised how fast it was. I walked to the initial room where Jerald and Wei Kwang were still waiting for their turns. Decided to wait for them. 
The girl after me came out, her 1st choice in her application was UPM. They asked her what she wants to take up as a major and minor if she gets in. More questions compared to mine.

Jerald first. Brahms and Gershwin. He was asked to play scales after his pieces, F# major I think. They asked if he can jam with chords and wants him to play an impromptu fast piece since his choice of pieces were at a moderate pace. He played Hari Ini (for the win)! :D happy song LOL! The room's interviewers asked loads of questions. 
Wei Kwang next. Mozart and Chopin. He played fairly well but when he came out, he said they asked what happened after his ATCL LOL! STPM takes a lot out from us, I'm serious.
We all decided to go for UM's interview so see you all next week =)

What am I suppose to feel? I played like, 2 mins out of my 5 min's Nocturne and that was before the highlight of the piece. For Debussy, I played for like 30 secs. Can anyone actually judge from there? In other words, IF I do get in based on that 3 mins of playing, I feel bad; if because of that I am not qualified to enter, kinda unfair wey, this is confusing @.@

Next, it's not that I prefer UM more than UPM or vice versa, is just that so happen that was my 1st in the application. Both are music. Meaning to say, music is my priority, not really the unis, you get me? I hope that would not be a factor for not being able to get in =(

Like Grade 8 practical is not enough. Like only able to play the piano is not enough. 0 competition experience. STPM result means nothing much as what they want is musical qualification.Should I be slacking my F6 through and just practice max? I don't think so.

Got home, change up, nap, lunch, nap, shower, piano class then dinner at McD with the pals =) A bit insomnia at night.

Thank you all for all the wishes, texts, calls. Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, it meant a lot =') Thanks for reading such a lengthy post. God bless you!