Thursday, 3 May 2012

2nd audition, this time at UM

First, be a good sport, watch my super short vlog below ;)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *PHAILED* Shy kays, like, "who's this crazy girl talking to her phone?!" :P

In the e-letter, the interview was scheduled to start at 9am, mum and I arrived there about 8+am, slightly before the 3 peeps. Started the journey at 6.50am to avoid the jam. When we got there, we were asked to fill up the form and write our names on another the list. Curious what's in the form? Questions like, 
1. Please provide information on your musical experiences.
2. What is your future plan?
*think hard and long* 

By the time we're done writing, time just flies, 9am! BUT the interview did not start on time, it started about 9.15am. Had time to eat my breakfast: egg tart~ :P NO. 7 in the queue woots! There were seniors helping around like, calling our names, keeping things in order, very helpful indeed =)

Went in. Greeted the panel: Dr Kim, Dr. Loo and Mr. Tan? idk
One thing I do like about UM is that their website is up to date. I once shared one of the lecturer's curriculum vitae to my kehpohs, they were jaw dropped by looking at the list, in a good way.
Had some QnA. They asked why is UM my first choice. I frankly tell them that I have no idea about what the uni offers but I received good recommendation and testimony from a very good friend because her brother graduated from UM and currently is in USA furthering his studies. I did not mention any names as I think it isn't that appropriate but they asked me :o I hesitated, then managed to utter the name, nearly mentioned my deary's name haha! Siblings have common names in front :P
Stumbled a lot! argh! at Debussy. I wasn't nervous but knowing that this means a lot to me, I started to loose it =( I can tell that they were rather disappointed. They did not listen to the whole of both pieces, I was asked to stop, took my file, and left the room.
Personally, I like how one of them smiled, very natural and beautiful. I mean, smiling won't cost you anything, it actually reflects the kind of person you are. *random, getting out of the topic*
No sight-reading or aural test but we had a sudden theory test, did not prepare my stationary but thank God they provided some. It was ok =)

My face seems bigger cuz I am snapping the pic :P
Wei Kwang, Jerald, me and Arene
UM audition peeps

yea, I looked different, I wasn't sure I was stressed but after lunch, I slept til it was time for class, super long nap. Everyone has their stories to tell, it's not an easy journey even to get here. The thought that God has brought me so far is just so comforting =)

Just a post to share my experience. I wished I had the chance to know more from experienced ppl. Oh, in case you didn't know (I shared this on FB), I stumbled upon this blog post before I got my STPM results and added the senior on FB, he got the audition but ended up in USA LOL. Thanks for reading, God bless you! =)